Tekken World Tour Finals 2023: Schedule, Competitors, and Prize Details Announced

Tekken World Tour Finals 2023: Schedule, Competitors, and Prize Details Announced

The Tekken World Tour Finals 2023, the fiercest competition of the year, is about to end. Fans are keen to know what will happen. All the players in the gaming community, especially the Fighting Gaming Community, are awaiting the biggest fighting competition of the year. The ultimate champion of the world will be decided in the next few days, and the world will know. The Tekken World Tour is known for its grandeur and association with Tekken. Bandai Namco and the official websites have announced the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 dates, and it is closer than most people think.

Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 Schedule

The Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 will begin on January 13 and end on January 14, 2024. The Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 will occur at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans, LA, USA.

The day is near when everyone who worked hard will get a hefty reward. The tournament circuit ends on the day of the grand final. It is the time when players can cross the final hurdle and become the ultimate champion.

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What Is the Tekken World Tour?

The Tekken World Tour is the biggest competition of the year, where expert players from all around the globe participate to compete against one another. Bandai Namco Entertainment, a Japanese multinational video game publisher, organizes the tournament circuit. It started as a points-based, season-long competition in 2017.

Tekken World Tour Finals 2023
Tekken World Tour Finals 2023: Schedule, Competitors, and Prize Details Announced

The circuit comprises tournaments that award players who secure high ranks at big in-person games. Players who cannot travel participate in online events and seek their rewards. The player who wins this competition emerges as the world champion. The player who plays smartly throughout the year gets a hefty reward from the prize pool. It is similar to all other offline championships, demanding persistence and discipline to become a victor.

How Do Players Get Points?

The circuit has Tekken tournaments, and players get points based on their performance at these tournaments. These points help players climb the leaderboard and become qualifiers eventually. The Tekken World Tour has a different tier of tournaments where the winning players get points.

The Tier 1 tournament features players from all over the world. Players who rank the highest throughout the seasons can compete in the Tekken World Tour Finals.

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What Is New in the Tekken World Tour 2023?

This year’s circuit, the Tekken World Tour, began in March 2023 with the most famous event, EVO. The excitement level of the fans is unmatched since Tekken 8 will replace Tekken 7 after the grand finale. The community is eager to bid farewell to the competitive environment of the legendary Tekken 7. The best part of the Tekken 2023 tournament was the comeback of Challenger events and Dojo events. The master events have already concluded, and the leaderboard is set for the finals. This year’s master events included:

  • BAM 13
  • CEO
  • Combo Breaker
  • EVO
  • EVO Japan
  • Fighters Showdown
  • Punishment 2
  • REV Major
  • Thaiger Uppercut
  • The MixUp
  • VSF XI
Tekken World Tour Finals 2023
Tekken World Tour Finals 2023: Schedule, Competitors, and Prize Details Announced

EVO is a significant event in the Tekken World Tour, and the players who win the challenge can conveniently make it to the finals. The points’ weightage is excellent. Most players plan to win this event to secure their position at the top of the leadership hierarchy. However, this time, players got a chance to play Challenger events, too.

Challenger events are one tier down from Master events. Challenger events included:

  • Brussels Challenge
  • Cape Town Showdown
  • First Attack
  • FV Major
  • Head Stomper
  • Paradise Game Battle
  • Slash N Dash Emirates Showdown
  • Summer Jam
  • Uprising Korea

Dojo events had fewer points, but it was enough to open the fighting game to new challengers. Now, all these tournaments are concluded, and players who secure their position on the leaderboard will get to the showdown known as the Grand Final.

Finals 2023: Competitors

This year, around twenty players will participate in the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023. Around nineteen (19) players qualify via the Tekken World Tour Leaderboard 2023, and the Last Chance Qualifier selects the last qualifier. A list mentioning the names of the nineteen qualifiers has been released. And the last qualifier will be chosen at the Last Chance Qualifiers on January 12, 2024.

These are the names of confirmed qualifiers:

  1. Arslan Ash is sitting at the top with 2290 points.
  2. Ulsan is second with 1460 points.
  3. Jae Hyun Kim has 1265 points.
  4. Jeonsanghyeon has 1075 points.
  5. Knee has 980 points.
  6. Atif has 970 points.
  7. Joka has 965 points.
  8. Rangchu has 955 points.
  9. Anakin has 935 points.
  10. Danielmado has 860 points.
  11. Raef has 850 points.
  12. Kkokkoma has 835 points.
  13. LowHigh has 801 points.
  14. AO has 776 points.
  15. Chikurin has 730 points.
  16. Tibetano has 715 points.
  17. Joey Fury has 685 points.
  18. Vincent Homan has 675 points.
  19. Nopperut Hempamom has 670 points.

The twentieth player will be chosen on January 12. It is important to note that as Bandai has announced, players who are in between the 20th position and the 60th position will only get a chance to participate in this last round. This could be the last chance to get on the qualifiers list.

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Prize Details

The Grand Finals has a prize pool of $100,000. The two days in the first month of January will determine who is the World Champion. The first winner will get $50,000, and the second will get $13,000. Meanwhile, those who secured third and fourth positions will get $6000 and $4000, respectively. Whoever plays throughout the year and manages to secure fifth and sixth positions will get a reward of $3000. The remaining seventh and eighth-position players will get $2500.

Where Can You Watch the Finals?

The Tekkin World Tour Finals 2023 will be available on the official Twitch page of Tekkin. It hosts all the major events for Tekkens, and the Grand Finals can also be found there. You could not make it to the finals, but you can be a spectator of the Grand Final. The Tekken tournaments were available on streaming platforms such as Evo or The Mixup. Make sure you take advantage of the biggest battle in the gaming world.

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