Project 007: Everything You Must Know

James Bond is the most iconic character in British cinematic history. James Bond in Project 007 will be an excellent experience for all James Bond game lovers. Given the last James Bond game was a big disappointment for fans, everyone is confident that IO Interactive will create an immersive gaming experience with its prowess.

IO Interactive has had great success with their Hitman 3, and now they look forward to pushing the envelope with a better-than-ever James Bond game. But when? Despite the scarce online information on the game, we have managed to dig some holes and extract some juicy details about Project 007. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming James Bond game.

Project 007: Possible Release Date

Project 007 might be released after 2025, but gamers should not expect the game until 2025. No secrets were spilled in any interview, and no speculations were made by any team member regarding the release date. IO Interactive announced Project 007 in 2020 and disappeared from the front.

Project 007
Project 007: Everything You Must Know

IO Interactive says they seek the most talented people worldwide to work on the project. It is a known fact that the game is still in the works. CEO Hakan told The Gamers to expand their team by hiring 200 other crew members for the upcoming game in production in 2021.

Moreover, an annual report (p.9) published by IO Interactive revealed that profits will drop in the next couple of calendar years (fiscal 2024 and 2025) because of the long production phase ahead of game releases in the market. However, it is clear that the game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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What Is Project 007?

Project 007 is the ultimate spycraft fantasy game where gamers can play with their favorite secret agent, James Bond. Project 007 will bring players closer to getting a 00 status from the origin story.

A short teaser of Project 007 came out in 2020 on their official YouTube channel. The trailer gave no hints regarding the gameplay, story, or possible Project 007 release date.

Anticipating an Original Game Character

The story, claims CEO Hakan B. Abrak in an interview, is an ultimate spycraft fantasy and not inspired by a single movie character of Bond. So, expecting a bona fide James Bond character in the upcoming third-person action game Project 007 would be fair. 

Also, James Bond’s playable character resembles Daniel Craig more than Roger Moore’s, as per the suggestions. Many actors played the legendary Commander James Bond character.

The magazine also suggested that the gaming experience will be more scripted than Hitman’s “freeform jaunts.”

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Who Is Developing the Game?

IO Interactive is a Danish game developer operating from Copenhagen. IOI is a safe place to incubate this ultimate spycraft fantasy since they hit it out of the park with their previous Hitman games.

In an interview, Hakan B. Abrak, the CEO of IO Interactive, spilled the beans about acquiring Project 007 and the process of pitching the game to MGM, the license holder, and meeting people at Eon Production. The whole process took two years.

He further added the eerie similarities between the Hitman game and the Bond movies produced by Eon. Then he also added, “It was nerve-wracking to meet Eon (the family) in London […] we tried to be humble, and we tried to convey what we were dreaming and what we wanted to do and do something that both we would be proud of and they would be proud of.”

It will be challenging for IO Interactive to bring a British protagonist recreated by numerous film producers to gaming screens, but we should remain hopeful. The game release might be far away, but fans find solace in the fact that the game is in the safe hands of IO Interactive. We will update you once we get any official information on the game.

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