Rockstar Office Cleaner Claims GTA 6 Release Date Is September 2025

GTA 6 Release Date
Rockstar Office Cleaner Claims GTA 6 Release Date Is September 2025

With yet another GTA leak surfacing, the mystery surrounding GTA 6’s release date deepens. The GTA 6 release date is already a mystery. While people are wondering when they will get to play the next GTA, a recent leak on Reddit took the internet by storm. So, let’s get into the details.

GTA 6 Release Date: Details of the Recent Leak

A Rockstar Office cleaner posted on Reddit, claiming to have seen the possible GTA 6 release date and other crucial information. This leak is also the result of a post on the GTA News subreddit. Some information disclosed in the leak suggests that Rockstar may release GTA 6 by September 2025. Moreover, the frequency of these leaks raises concerns about Rockstar Games’ security measures.

This time, it was not a hacker but a Rockstar office cleaner who leaked some critical information regarding the upcoming GTA 6 release date on Reddit. Although the leaker (RO cleaner) has deleted the post, we have extracted some details, such as a possible GTA 6 release date and map details, which might intrigue you.

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The Main Claims Rockstar Office Cleaner Made

The cleaner stated in the leak that the workers were not allowed to talk about the game during employment at the GTA office. He also mentioned the monitors had privacy protectors. Despite all of these security measures, he managed to take a peek into a few details.

GTA 6 Release Date
Rockstar Office Cleaner Claims GTA 6 Release Date Is September 2025
  • The Possible GTA Release Date: The cleaner claims to have seen “some sort of advert” or a “final frame of a trailer” with the date “September 2025.” The Redditors added to this claim, stating it could be the next teaser of GTA 6, but some thought it was too far, and an early September release is expected.
  • The Map: The map details were astounding, as the virtual landscape looked ‘huge.’ It seemed like two or three big clusters of roads. He assumed them to be cities or towns. Is Miami redesigned as Vice City? Curious fans wondered when he made this claim.
  • The Art Piece: He also claims to have seen an art piece in which Jason, wearing a black bandana, and Lucia, with a pistol, rob an off-license. He used the word “liquor,” which propagated doubts about these already weak claims. Americans are fond of liquor, and this probable slip of the tongue could be a hint that an American is making up things on the internet.

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Background of the leaker

The cleaner who leaked this important information claims to have worked in the Rockstar Games office for almost six months. The cleaners have access to the area where the developers are working, so there is a mild possibility of getting a peek into the details of the game. The moderators said they saw his proof of employment at the GTA office in London.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that the leaker has a history of uploading unethical and inappropriate images on Reddit. The photos started circulating right after the leaks, which was enough for many people not to take the leak seriously. Also, the leaker claims that he has not signed an NDA, which is another reason to take the claim with a pinch of salt.

Moderator’s Stance

The moderator of the subreddit also commented on the thread, claiming to have seen some sensitive information. However, the moderator denies the legitimacy, but in the same vein, he says that whatever the boy has sent to him seems right.

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Reception of the Rumors

The internet is divided since many people dismissed this GTA 6 release date leak as fake, while others were excited and hurt as September 2025 is far away. However, it is wise to take every unofficial leak or rumor skeptically. Needless to say, sharing unverifiable information on the internet has become an easy way to get engagement these days.

Lastly, there are many leaks and buzz around the release date of GTA 6. Treating these unverifiable and anonymous Redditors with the utmost skepticism is necessary. Rockstar Games offices are mostly the target of most leakers, and official channels did not react to these leaks. They have neither accepted nor denied the leaks. The possibility of September 2025 being a release date is high, as we know from the official trailer that the release year is 2025.