One Punch Man: World launch Date Announced

One Punch Man World
One Punch Man: World launch Date Announced

After having their Closed Beta Test in early October, Crunchyroll and Perfect World Games are bringing One Punch Man: World to your screens. The hero Saitama is coming soon, so let’s dive into the details to learn everything about One Punch Man World.

One Punch Man World: Launch Date

One Punch Man World will be released on January 31, 2024, in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. On the other hand, gamers from the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and North Africa can get their hands on this game on February 1, 2024.

One Punch Man World
One Punch Man: World launch Date Announced

One Punch Man World is coming on Google Play, the Apple Store, and Windows. One Punch Man is a free-to-play action game, and One Punch Man: Road to Hero was released for iOS and Android in 2019.

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The Trailer Revealing the Key Features

A brief trailer was released on their YouTube channel on August 24, 2023, revealing an immersive storyline. One Punch Man World’s perfect background score and graphics seem enthralling. Crunchyroll, Perfect World Games, and developers T3 Studios created this action-adventure game. The trailer looks promising, and the gameplay seems to be worthwhile too. Below are some key features of the game.

Customization that Accords with Players’ Needs: Players can choose the fighting style for each character. Every character has a unique arc; some have more abilities and skills, while others have better finishing moves in combat. They can choose their favorite hero, including Saitama, Silver Fang, Genos, or whomever you want.

A Variety of Villains: Although the trailer is brief, we can see a few villains, including the Mosquito Girl, Subterranean King, Beast King, and others.

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An Extensive World to Explore: As the game is based on the anime series “The One Punch Man,” gamers will explore great things in the advancing game.

Pre-Registration Details

Pre-registration is currently open for One Punch Man World. Game enthusiasts can head to their respective app stores to register if they prefer the mobile game. Those who prefer playing games on their PC can go to the game’s official website and get all the benefits allocated to an early registrant.

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