Lego Fortnite Marble: How and Where to Get the Resource

Lego Fortnite Marble: How and Where to Get the Resource

Lego Fortnite has got marbles, and they are hard to find. As Lego Fortnite has been released, gamers are growing curious to get the marbles. To put you at ease, we have prepared a guide to help you find as many marbles as possible with the right tools. So, let’s learn about LEGO Fortnite marbles.

What Are LEGO Fortnite Marbles?

LEGO Fortnite marbles are Tier 2 rock materials; you can only get them with effort. Marbles are precious; players can use them to craft many tools in Lego Fortnite. They are the ornaments that are needed to add a touch of elegance to builds. Players need to prepare for the mining process before entering the cave, and they will end up staring at the marble. They need a green uncommon pickaxe to get those marbles.

In addition, LEGO Fortnite lovers will always need marbles. If you do not need them today, you might need them tomorrow when you reach levels 7 or 8.

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How Can Gamers Get the Right Tools?

Gamers have to collect knotroot wood before beginning the marble quest. Knotroot wood helps in crafting knotroot rods. Once you have enough knotroot rods, you can make the Pickaxe. Remember, you need three bones and knotroot rods to create a green uncommon Pickaxe. After crafting the green uncommon Pickaxe, the marbles inside the caves await you.

Lego Fortnite Marble: How and Where to Get the Resource
Lego Fortnite Marble: How and Where to Get the Resource

The Struggle to Get to the Right Place

The hardest part now could be finding the caves. It is hard to tell the exact entrance location because each cave has these entries at different and unique places. You hit the jackpot when you spot a large rock structure with a pitch-black entrance. Once you interact with the cave entrance, it sends you inside. Needless to say, you should remain cautious, as you might bump into some enemies. Taking a villager with weapons with you is necessary to save yourself.

If you are entering the caves thinking Tier 2 marbles will be right in front of your eyes, you are mistaken. You will remember entering the caves because you entered them before to collect knotroot wood. All caves are identical, but finding the marble will be challenging. Marbles are rocks white in color with black veins scattered throughout in clusters. Once you see them, get to them and hit them with your uncommon Pickaxe to harvest. You can gather as many marbles as you want. Also, you can collect other rewards in your quest, such as bones, slurp mushrooms, silk, and even wood.

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Why Do You Need Marbles Again?

If you have your eyes on the stone breaker, you need around 20 knotroots and 35 marbles to craft it. The stone breaker is a tool that helps break down stones to use in preparing other resources. While crafting the stone breaker, you can build it with granite or marble slabs.

Moreover, marble slabs also help in upgrading your crafting bench. You need only 15 of them; it is a simple task. Apart from that, you can also create some chests. A medium chest needs 16 marble slabs, unlike a small chest that needs only ten marble slabs.

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