Trailer Confirms the Super Mario Eclipse full Mod Release Date

The Eclipse Team is engrossed in modifying a widely famous Super Mario Sunshine game in Super Mario Eclipse. The team shared an elaborate release date announcement in a trailer launched earlier this week. The trailer gave a sneak peek into the Super Mario Eclipse world. This year will be an exciting one for mod game enthusiasts. Here is everything you need to know about this upcoming mod.

Super Mario Eclipse: Release Date and Trailer

The trailer revealed that the Super Mario Eclipse mod will be released on June 30, 2024. So, in the summer of 2024, the players can try the mod demo. Also, the preview clip showed all the necessary details, from the upcycled modification specifics to the release date.

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Other details showcased in the trailer include the new locations, such as the famous Peach’s Castle featured in Super Mario 64. It has also included a reimagined Blanco Hills from the Sunshine. Also, this upcoming game will have some new moves, as Nintendo fans are looking forward to this mod for its new and impressive features.

What Is the Super Mario Eclipse Full Mod?

Super Mario Eclipse
Trailer Confirms the Super Mario Eclipse full Mod Release Date

Super Mario Eclipse is a fan-made modification of Super Mario Sunshine. As you know, Super Mario Sunshine is one of the most beloved franchises. The game was the second 3D Super Mario game released in 2002. Ever since its release, this best-selling game has won fans’ hearts.

The game includes new environments, characters, and cohesive gameplay. The mod team calls this advancing game an expanded version of the original Super Mario Sunshine. This mod has new settings, two new playable characters, and a double amount of Shines for players to make the gameplay even more immersive.

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Fans’ Reaction On Release Date Reveal

Super Mario Eclipse is a partly original mod and partly beta restoration, but fans can entirely make it. The Super Mario Eclipse release date has heightened the excitement of fans. Some fans, however, feel that this mod could be more aesthetically pleasing. In a Reddit discourse on a subreddit, fans were discussing their feelings about the release date reveal, and some seemed happy to have a launch date.

So, mark your calendars to explore what the upcoming game will bring.

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