Fallout London Mod is Finally Coming This April

Fallout London Mod is Finally Coming This April

Fallout 4 debuted in 2015; since then, it has maintained a solid and dedicated fanbase. It believes that the franchise can be improved in various ways. Consequently, the community has worked hard to deliver another spectacular project known as Fallout London Mod. Similarly, Fallout: Cascadia was also a product of their hard work. So, let’s dive into the details of the game!

Fallout London Mod: Release Date

The Fallout London Mod is officially set to debut on April 23, 2024, courtesy of Team FOLON. There is also a release date trailer launched on December 24, 2023. This team comprises highly skilled individuals, including 3D artists, modders, writers, voice actors, and more.

Team FOLON has made the game accessible for all PC players. However, there needs to be more information about whether London Mod will make its way to the consoles.

Even though it is a fan-led project, Fallout London Mod enthusiasts can keep their hopes high. The upcoming game will stay in touch with its roots but offer a unique storyline that promises a fresh gaming experience. Prepare to experience new weapons, challenges, and many unexplored areas.

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The DLC-sized MOD for Fallout 4 was teased in 2021, with an initial release window for 2023. However, due to some internal issues and careful consideration, the project was announced to be released later. This information was conveyed via a tweet.

The delay allows the team to improve for a better gaming experience. The new launch date also aligns with the Fallout TV series, helmed by Amazon.

We also acknowledge the situation with the new Bethesda Fallout 4 update, and while we do not plan to release Fallout London on the new update, we cannot foresee the changes they may implement. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bringing our mod to you as soon as possible on our new release date,” Team FOLON said.

Important Information about the Game

Other than London, you will be free to explore 15 boroughs, which include Bromley, Camden, Croydon, Eastminster, Greenwich, Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth, and Westminster.

Fallout London Mod
Fallout London Mod Is Finally Coming This April

The mod will have 53 main quests, 35 side quests, 25 faction quests, 64 miscellaneous quests, and 16 gang quests. It will also have seven companions and five associated companion quests.

What Is Fallout London Mod About?

At its core, the Fallout London Mod is a ‘continuation of the base game,’ carefully put together to allow players to explore previously inaccessible areas. The upcoming installment will offer gamers a chance to explore various cultures.

Fallout London Mod will explore pre-war European history and the after-effects of the Resource War on the class-structured society of Britain before the war. The gamers will be playing on the futuristic streets with an exclusive soundtrack. However, the game is not solely about exploration.

A new commute system offers various options, ranging from ships to taxis. There is a revamped crafting system and a brand-new Pip Boy-adjacent system. Built-in musical instruments, new swimming mechanics, and dynamic weather will enhance the overall experience for gamers.

London Mod promises to deliver 100 new weapons, 500 clothing options, 29 races, and many handcrafted assets. And the Vault Boy UI has been swapped with an Atta Boy interface.

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Trailers for the Advancing Game

To keep the fans excited for the big launch of Fallout London Mod, the developers released footage that walks us through various aspects of the game. Prepare to be amazed by the new developments. You can watch it now. Luckily, we also have an 18-minute gameplay trailer for it.

Well, that was all about the Fallout London Mod. There might be more information once the game’s release date draws nearer. So, keep an eye out for further updates!

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