RedFall Gameplay Footage Leaked Before Official Release

RedFall Gameplay Footage Leaked Before Official Release

Arkane Studios is all set to release RedFall on 2nd May 2023. However, some footage of the Redfall gameplay has been leaked and is circulating all over the internet. Some players got access to the game and tested it out on the Xbox Series X version, and they uploaded the video on Youtube.  

Now, although ZenMiax Media has taken down these videos, here is everything you need to know about the leaked footage related to RedFall gameplay.

Redfall Gameplay Leaked Footage: What’s in it? 

The leaked gameplay footage gives an idea of what players can expect from RedFall. The leaked gameplay video depicted that the game is set in a small town on an off-coast island overrun by vampires. These vampires have apparently resulted from scientific experimentation and have isolated the land from the remaining world. Players will be survivors fighting back against the wide range of vampires threatening the island. 

It is an open-world and first-person shooter game where you can play as one of the four in-game characters. You can choose from various characters, each holding a unique story and ability to fight the vampires. These four heroes are mainly Layla, the telekinetic, Jacob, a sharpshooter, and two paranormal investigators, namely Remi and Devinder. Following this, you can play the game solo or with four friends in a co-op mode. The game’s AI will adjust the difficulty based on the number of players, so players won’t have to worry about the game being too easy or too hard.

RedFall Gameplay Footage Leaked Before Official Release
RedFall Gameplay Footage Leaked Before Official Release

Besides, RedFall Gameplay leaked footage also shows off some of the game’s weapons, including a shotgun and assault rifle. Players can use special abilities, such as telekinesis and time manipulation, to take down the vampire hordes. The game also features a day and night cycle, with the aggressive vampires ruling at night and their zealots patrolling during the day.

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Another interesting feature of RedFall is the ability to choose different paths through the game. Players can choose which missions they want to take on and how they want to approach them. Players can play the game multiple times and enjoy different experiences.

Leaked RedFall Gameplay: Some Aspects That Raised Disappointment

Arkane Studios, the developers behind the popular franchises- Dishonored and Prey, are eagerly working on their latest title, RedFall. However, players are unhappy that the game only supports an online play mode with a 30 FPS on the Xbox Series. Fans have also highlighted that the game doesn’t offer an intimidating animation, and the visuals are also not that immersive. Nonetheless, the lighting and other key features are impressive, so players can probably overrule the raised disappointments. 

RedFall Gameplay: Leaked Footages are prone to change 

While the leaked gameplay footage has given fans a taste of what’s to come, it’s important to remember that changes are possible. It is significant to note that the game is still under development. So, some of the aspects may be different in the officially released game’s version as the leaked footage does not represent the final product. There’s also a possibility that the developers will improve the game based on player feedback.

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