Jagged Alliance 3 Release Date is Still Unknown

Jagged Alliance 3 Release Date is Still Unknown

Turn-based strategy fans have impatiently been waiting for the release of Jagged Alliance 3 ever since it was announced in 2021! The game will bring back the iconic features of its predecessors with a modern touch and spectacular gameplay! Players will embark on a thrilling journey to find the President and bring order back to their country! They can choose between dozens of mercenaries, explore Grand Chien, meet new people, grow their team, and much more in this upcoming tactical RPG! 

So when is Jagged Alliance 3 releasing? Do we have a confirmed release date? Find out below. 

Jagged Alliance 3 Release Date 

Jagged Alliance 3 will debut in 2023 on PC via Steam. However, we do not have an exact release date at the moment. 

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Its predecessor, Jagged Alliance 2, came back in 1999! Since then, the franchise has only launched one game, Jagged Alliance: Rage, in 2018. However, things are about to change as Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic plan to bring the franchise back to life with Jagged Alliance 3. The game has been in the works since 2021 and should be released in the next few months. But nothing is confirmed at the moment, and the producers are extremely tight-lipped about the release date! 

Jagged Alliance 3 Gameplay

The game features tactical turn-based combat and RPG elements. It takes place in Grand Chien, a nation in deep political divides as its President disappears, and The Legion, a paramilitary force, take control of it! Now, it is up to you to assemble a squad from a pool of various mercenaries and find the President to return the order to the country. 

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You’ll have a massive selection of mercenaries to choose from, each with its own personality and backstory. You’ll also get to explore the spectacular Grand Chien nation, meet new people, earn money, grow your team, and make decisions that will shape the future of your country. 

We’ve mentioned some of the most spectacular features of the game below, 

  • Rich, tactical turn-based combat
  • Huge cast of mercenaries 
  • Customized weapons
  • Open RPG structure
  • Players can customize the mercs
  • Online co-op mode so players can enjoy the game with friends. 
  • Alive, active world where players can train locals, control territory, and fight against lethal enemies. 


THQ Nordic paired the game’s announcement with a trailer back in September 2021. It featured detailed cinematics about a mission gone wrong and glimpses at the game’s strategy gameplay. The video’s graphics, characters, and mechanics created quite a buzz amongst fans as it seemed to do justice to the spectacular Jagged Alliance franchise. 

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Moreover, in August 2022, the producers released a second Showcase trailer for Jagged Alliance 3. This new trailer features more battlefields and exclusive gameplay insights. 

Jagged Alliance 3 also has a Legacy Trailer featuring Ian Currie, the writer of the upcoming game, Boyan Ivanov, the creative director, and Pavel Peychev, the producer. They share their thoughts on the game and shed some light on what players can expect. 

You can watch all three trailers on THQ Nordic’s official YouTube channel.

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