How to easily get Caliban in Warframe?

Caliban Warframe is the 48th addition to the game’s warframes, with spectacular abilities that make it almost mandatory to include him in your collection. 

Caliban is a sentient-hybrid Warframe like Revenant. He is a tank and damage warframe with four mind-blowing abilities, including razor gyre, sentient wrath, fusion strike, and lethal progeny. To unlock him, players must complete the New War quest and accept bounties to get their hands on all of his parts. So how do you accept the bounties? Where are they located? Can you directly purchase Caliban for platinum? Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about this unique new Warframe. 

Unlocking Caliban Warframe

Caliban can only be unlocked once you complete the main story of the New War quest. You must complete this quest alone and be prepared for some spectacular rewards at the end. It features the Sentients and Tenno and the war between them. 

After completing the quest, you can purchase the main Caliban blueprint. It is available for 50,000 credits at the market. Next, you must get your hands on the blueprints for his machine part by accepting bounties.  

Unlocking Caliban Warframe
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Moreover, you can purchase Caliban’s Warframe directly from the market. It costs 325 platinum. Alternatively, you can also purchase the whole Caliban collection. It includes the complete frame, Neurovyre Syandana, Caliban Cranion Helmet, Venato (a scythe) as well as Sporavyre Syandana. The collection is obviously a little more pricy and costs 595 platinum. 

Unlocking the Body Part Components for Caliban Warframe 

Like all other warframes, Caliban requires the following three body part blueprints. 

  • Caliban Neuroptics Blueprint
  • Caliban Systems Blueprint
  • Caliban Chassis Blueprint

These blueprints are obtained by completing the Narmer bounties. You can farm these bounties on the Plains of Eidolon or the Orb Vallis. However, there is a condition for finding them! You can only find them during the daytime on the plains. On the other hand, you can farm the bounties only during nighttime at the Orb Vallis! 

Additionally, there is one more condition for farming the Narmer bounties. You can only use one bounty for getting one blueprint during one cycle. Then, you have to wait for the cycle to complete and for the next one to begin. 

Requirements for Crafting Caliban Warframe 

After getting your hands on the blueprints, you can build the machine parts using the following items.

Requirements for Crafting Caliban Warframe 
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Caliban Neuroptics 

This machine part requires, 

  • 12 Narmer Isoplasts
  • 20 Tralok Eyes 
  • 3 Anomaly Shards
  • 10 Neutral Sensors 

Caliban Chassis

You will need the following items for crafting it,

  • 20 Mortus Horn 
  • 3 Anomaly Shards
  • 100 Hespazym Alloy 
  • 16 Narmer Isoplasts

Caliban Systems 

Gather these items for crafting Caliban Systems, 

  • 12 Narmer Isoplasts 
  • 3 Anomaly Shards
  • 30 Hexenon 
  • 30 Breath of the Eidolon 

Caliban’s Abilities

Caliban’s official description reads, 


He has 100 health points, 175 shield points, 275 armor points, and 125 energy points.

Caliban’s Abilities
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Caliban has four main abilities. They are mentioned down below. 

  1. Razor Gyre: Caliban turns into a vortex of death and dashes towards enemies. He unleashes a destructive blast if they are under the effect of the sentient wrath. 
  2. Sentient Wrath- Send a blast of destruction towards enemies by smashing the ground. If the enemies don’t die as soon as the wave hits them, they are thrown into the air and undergo amplified damage for some time. 
  3. Lethal Progeny- This summons three comrades that help him fight and repair his shields.
  4. Fusion Strike- Caliban shoots out three streams of damage-yielding energy and focuses them on one point (the enemy). 

Additionally, Caliban also has a passive ability. Allies that are within infinity range enjoy extra resistance against enemy attacks.

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