How to get Yareli in Waframe?

How to get Yareli in Waframe?

Yareli warframe is Digital Extremes’s most recent addition to the game. It was first introduced during the 154th Warframe Devstream. It is added as part of the “Sister of Parvus” update and brings about with it a whole new way of playing warframe. The warframe Yareli is a balanced output of both damage control and crowd control which makes it a suitable frame for every kind of mission in the game so far. 

However, since the Yareli warframe is so powerful, Digital Extremes have made a few tweaks to how you can get access to it. Along with getting past the traditional methods of acquiring a new warframe, getting the Yareli warframe will require you to polish some of your skills too. Our guide here helps you give an outlook of what you need to do to get the latest Yareli warframe. 

How to get the Yareli Warframe?

Quite like the latest generation of warframes that are now becoming part of the game. The Yareli warframe is also tied to a questline. Therefore, to acquire the warframe, players will have to complete a story related to the Vent Kids of Fortune in the Orb Vallis on Venus. In short, only serious players who have a good command of their K-Drive skills have a chance of getting the Yareli warframe. 

Per the norms, to get a new warframe, you must complete the VoxSolaris quest, unlocking the Orb Vallis and Vent Kids syndicate. After you complete the quest, you will be able to take the Waverider quest from the Orbiter. This quest will lead you to the Vent Kinds, which is the starting point of the entire quest chain. 

The Waverider quest has several K-Drive racing, hoverboard tricks, and many other activities such as killing enemies while riding a K-Drive and performing various tricks. The quest is based on a total of five different sections, and in each section, the players must complete different sets of objectives. 

How to get the Yareli Warframe?
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Once the players successfully manage to complete this quest, they will get Yareli warframe’s main blueprint as a reward. The player will have to undergo a separate set of steps to acquire the rest of the rewards. Also check Warframe Tier List to have is August 2022.

How to obtain Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics for Yareli Warframe?

Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics blueprints are essential to building Yareli’s frame. They are available at the new Bash Lab for clan dojos, and layers must search and purchase Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptic from it. Fortunately, players won’t need to face any pre-requisites for the Bash Lab, and the dojo can construct one as soon as they have the material they need. 

Once the players successfully acquire all the necessary blueprints. They will have to gather enough material to craft each and contrast the Yareli warframe quite like other warframes are built. 

Abilities and powers

The Yareli warframe has water-based abilities that deal with both bust and damage-over-time. Moreover, these powers allow it to have a decent amount of immobilizing crown control effects over a sizeable area. 

She has a signature weapon called Komperssa, which is a bubble gun sidearm that shoots sticky and explosive viral bubbles. Apart from that, the Yareli warframe possesses the highest energy pool in contrast to other warframes in the game. She has a subsumed ability Aquabldes summons blades made of water and continuously revolve around her, damaging an enemy that comes into the close line of contact. In short, the Yareli warframe is one of the greatest warframe that is now present in the game. Know if Warframe is crossplay.

The Yareli warfare is excellent for locking down tight corridors in Frineer and Corpus frigates. It can also come in handy when players need to control large swarms of Infested in open areas. She has a unique Meruline ability that grants her an increased damage resistance which makes her resistant to all forms of damage. 

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