Warframe tier list: Best Warframe tier list to Have in August 2022

The Warframe Tier list is your ultimate guide to navigating the phenomenally complex game. It attempts to provide a bird’s eye view of what is worth playing in the game so that you don’t have to spend a significant amount of time and money farming or buying all the best Warframes outright.

Warframe is one of the best online games that are available to play for free. Each player has several different warframes, allowing them to gain unique skills. However, the game is pretty challenging and has a very steep learning curve which makes it hard for you to skip any of the systems on top of the system. But since navigating through “what’s best for you” might get a bit complex, our warframe tier list will help you provide an insight into the best crowd control, damage dealers, supports, and more. Is Warframe cross save and crossplay finally coming? 

Best Warframe tier list in 2022

There are over 40 characters in the game, each with unique abilities and weapons. These warframes are then divided into tier lists as per their survivability. A Tier list is a classification or a ranking of all the warframes per their relative ability. The players can choose and upgrade each warframe as per their liking. These choices impact each player’s gameplay, making the game much more enjoyable. 

Best Warframe tier list in 2022
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In short, the warframe tier list helps you decide which warframe is suitable for your playstyle. However, its benefits are not only confined to that. There are other benefits of using a warframe tier list, such as:

  • It gives you insight into which ability is better than others, helping you make an informed decision. 
  • You get to know the strength and weaknesses of each warframe. 
  • The list allows you to compare two different warframes, helping you better understand their power level. 

The list ranking goes from S to E, where E is supposedly the worst. Moreover, although these warframe tier lists go through regular updates, here is our list for August 2022:

Warframe Tier List S

This is our very first Warframe Tier list since it contains some of the best warframe in the game. These wireframes have an impact on both a player’s survivability and damage output. These wireframes are well-suited for players with a moderate playstyle, meaning they are neither too aggressive nor defensive. Therefore, these warframes can be used by both beginner-level players and advanced players. 

  • Nova- Null Star Antimatter Drop Wormhole Molecular Prime
  • Rhino- Rhino Charge Iron Skin Roar Rhino Stomp
  • Wisp- Reservoirs Wil-O-Wisp Breach Surge Sol Gate
  • Saryn- Spores Molt Toxic Lash Miasma
  • Gara- Shattered Lash Splinter Storm Spectorage Mass Vitrify
  • Octavia- Mallet Resonator Metronome Amp
  • Protea- Grenade Fan Blaze Artillery Dispensary Temporal Anchor
  • Nezha- Fire Walker Blazing Chakram Warding Halo Divine Spears
  • Mesa- Ballistic Battery Shooting Gallery Shatter Shield Peacemaker

List A

The warframe Tier list A consists of warframes rates slightly above average. Although these warframes have several abilities, there are also several weaknesses that opponents can exploit in a fight. 

  • Ivara- Quiver Navigator Prowl Artemis Bow
  • Nekros- Soul Punch Terrify Desecrate Shadows of the Dead
  • Lnaros- Desiccation Devour Sandstorm Scarab Swarm

List B

The warframes in the Warfraame Tier List B are good, but they might not be the best. These wireframes have a few weaknesses and strengths, which may be easier for players to adapt. These wireframes are diverse and are used in any game or situation. 

  • Gauss- Mach Rush Kinetic Plating Thermal Sunder Redline
  • Yareli- Sea Snares Merulina Aquablades Riptide
  • Xaku- Xata’s Whisper Grapes of Lohk The Lost The Vast Untime
  • Barsuk- Elude Lull Desolate Hands Serene Storm
  • Equinox- Metamorphosis Rest & Rage Pacify & Provoke Mend & Maim
  • Chroma- Spectral Scream Elemental Ward Vex Armor Effigy
  • Ember- Fireball Immolation Fire Blast Inferno

List C

The warframe Tier list C consists of warframes that are a little lower than average. These wireframes have selective abilities along with several weaknesses. 

  • Excalibur- Slash Dash Radial Bind Radial Javelin Exalted Blade
  • Hildryn- Balefire Pillage Haven Aegis Storm
  • Nidus- Virulence Larva Parasitic Link Ravenous
  • Grendel- Feast Nourish Regurgitate Pulverize
  • Titania- Spellbind Tribute Lantern Razorwing
  • Ash- Shuriken Smoke Screen Teleport Blade Storm
  • Khora- Whipclaw Ensnare Venari Strangledome

List D

The warframes in warframe tier list D are what you might call “bad.” These wireframes have few abilities and more weaknesses in contracts. Their use is somewhat limited to the beginning of the game. 

  • Revenant- Enthrall Mesmer Skin Reave Danse Macabre
  • Trinity- Well of Life Energy Vampire Link Blessing
  • Oberon- Smite Hallowed Ground Renewal Reckoning
  • Garuda- Dread Mirror Blood Altar Bloodletting Seeking Talons
  • Wukong- Celestial Twin Cloud Walker Defy Primal Fury
  • Mag- Pull Magnetize Polarize Crush
  • Mirage- Hall of Mirrors Sleight of Hand Eclipse Prism

List E

This is the last warframe tier in the list that consists of absolutely worst warframes in the game. Players can use these warframes merely to experiment and discover their playstyles or gain a gaming experience. The warframes in this list have no strengths but do have several weaknesses. 

  • Harrow – Condemn Penance Thurible Covenant
  • Zephyr- Tail Wind Airburst Turbulence Tornado
  • Atlas- Landslide Tectonics Petrify Rumblers
  • Volt- Shock Speed Electric Shield Discharge
  • Vauban- Tesla Nervos Minelayer Photon Strike Bastille
  • Valkyr- Rip Line Warcry Paralysis Hysteria
  • Banshee- Sonic Boom Sonar Silence Sound Quake
  • Hydroid- Tempest Barrage Tidal Surge Undertow Tentacle Swarm
  • Limbo- Banish Stasis Rift Surge Cataclysm
  • Loki- Decoy Invisibility Switch Teleport Radial Disarm
  • Lavos- Ophidian Bite Vial Rush Transmutation Probe Catalyze
  • Frost- Freeze Ice Wave Snow Globe Avalanche
  • Nyx- Mind Control Psychic Bolts Chaos Absorb

How to use Tier List?

The tier list visually represents the power ranking of each character or warframes within the game. At the top of the list, you will find warframes with the highest level of survivability and damage. Similarly, as the list proceeds to the bottom, each warframe’s damage and survivability decreases. The warframes at the lower end of the list are not very useful for users who want to keep things simple. 

Which Tier List should I go for?

Choosing the best Warframe Tier list might be tricky, as there are several options to hover towards. Amidst this, the best way to try out different warframes and check their play style. With that, choose the one that suits you the best. Most users start with the tier list S since the warframe in that list is slightly above “average.” However, while choosing a warframe, do not overlook its weaknesses. 

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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