Warframe Introduces Cross-Save Functionality in Latest ‘Whispers in the Walls’ Story Update

Warframe: Cross Save is the latest update in the enchanting “Whispers in the Wall” game. We all rejoiced when Digital Extremes announced the final release date for Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls. Now, as the game has been released, thanks to the “cross-platform save” function, you can play wherever you want.

Did you ever miss your rewards and collections while playing on a different account, or did you wonder about playing on another console? If yes, this news is for you. Warframe Whispers in the Walls is here now, and we have some exciting details for you.

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Warframe: Cross Save: The Biggest News of Warframe Since 2020

The most intriguing part for Warframe lovers is the introduction of cross-save functionality in the latest update. Cross-save functionality is going to make playing the game easier. However, it is a challenge to attain perfection in pulling the cross-platform save functionality off—a great technical one. Digital Extremes is wise enough not to open the opportunity and let everyone access the new feature. In all its glory, cross-save functionality is not mainstream and requires some explanation for those interested.

Warframe Introduces Cross-Save Functionality in Latest 'Whispers In The Walls' Story Update
Warframe Introduces Cross-Save Functionality in Latest ‘Whispers In The Walls’ Story Update

With this feature, you can use the Warframe account from a single Cross Platform Save Account on a different platform. But this account must have undergone merging or linking. Notably, this feature is not available for everyone right after dropping. First, the founders will have access to it to assess the situation, and then the rest of the players will get access. In addition, Digital Extremes has promised that the merging or linking is safe.

As anticipated, Warframe Whisper in the Walls has the latest quests and even improved game modes. You will love the unkillable ninjas with an epic narrative and some mind-blowing secret revelations.

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What Does Linking or Merging Mean? 

This linking cross-save functionality will let you use your PC account on Xbox, Switch, or even PS. But the merging option is even more incredible. Gamers will be able to merge the accounts now. If one has 100,000 credits on one device and 200,000 on another, combining both accounts will give them 300,000 credits. Remember this: gamers can only merge their accounts once. Also, the TennoGen items will only be available on the device after the merge, but any accounts created after November 24 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time are not mergeable.

Warframe Introduces Cross-Save Functionality in Latest 'Whispers In The Walls' Story Update
Warframe Introduces Cross-Save Functionality in Latest ‘Whispers In The Walls’ Story Update

Additionally, we can trade with each other via Cross-Save. Digital Extremes says it is possible if both people have enabled Cross Platform Save. Many people are looking forward to this Cross-Save feature.

This update will allow players to play Warframe on their console. Players can choose one account from each gaming platform to join your Cross Platform Save Account in the Account Management section. This Cross Platform Save Account works on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch from the beginning. Plus, when the iOS and Android versions of Warframe come out, they will also be part of the fun.

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