Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland Receives Rating, Indicating Potential Early 2024 Launch

While ratings are typically considered a sign of an imminent game release, it is crucial to note that Ubisoft Entertainment has a notorious record of occasional delays. Due to this reason, the majority of the fandom is still determining what to expect. Despite potential delays, let’s delve into the likely release of The Division Heartland.

Will The Division Heartland Launch in 2024?

Considering the ratings, The Division Heartland might be released in 2024. However, there is no confirmed release date for the game. In most cases, ratings have often hinted at a soft launch. With the recent rating on the Taiwan Entertainment Software Rating Information website (Taiwanese Rating Board), it is only a matter of time before gamers can expect this survival shooter game’s launch next year. 

Even though the game received an ESRB rating in 2022, the long gap in time has left the complete picture unclear. Despite the scarcity of information on the release date, Ubisoft assured fans in April 2023 that the game’s development is ongoing. This announcement was accompanied by a cinematic trailer and a detailed gameplay video.


Another noteworthy point is that the ratings do not guarantee that the developers have completed their work. Thus, it is not wise to keep unnecessary high expectations from Ubisoft.

The Division Heartland has faced unprecedented delays, leading to leaks, such as a major one in 2022, where around 40 minutes of gameplay surfaced online. Shortly after, it was confirmed that the game entered the closed beta stage in October 2022.

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Some Details About the Game

First teased in May 2021, the game is a spin-off from the renowned Tom Clancy franchise. It focuses on a distinct storyline that is rooted in The Division Universe. According to the official synopsis, The Division Heartland is described as a free-to-play action shooter based in the town of Silver Creek, offering players both PvE and PvP challenges.

After scouring through the official website of Ubisoft Entertainment, it is clear that the developers have made progress. The once peaceful town of Silver Creek has now become a violent conflict between a group of dangerous rogue Division agents and an aggressive band of nomadic survivors. And you will have to take the right action to stop this new breed of poison from spreading everywhere. But will this be as easy as it sounds? Well, we will find this out once the game launches.

This concludes our coverage of The Division Heartland. Rest assured, we’ll strive to keep you updated with any new information. So, stay tuned for more!

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