VALORANT Luna bundle 2023: Release date, Cost, Weapon Skins

VALORANT Luna Bundle’s recent release has led the players to extreme excitement besides adding additional weight to their pockets. Yet, this weight doesn’t feel much when you are incredibly excited about the new release. To clarify, Riot has released another VALORANT Luna Bundle soon in the game’s in-game store. It mainly celebrates the Chinese New Year and the coming Rabbit year.

The VALORANT authorities have also released new bundles in the previous New Year’s. For instance, they released the celestial VALORANT Luna Bundle in 2021 to observe the Year of the Ox and the Tigris bundle in 2022 to commemorate the Year of the Tiger. Here, the Year of Rabbit in 2023 also marks the new release of the VALORANT Luna Bundle.

valorant luna bundle 2023 release date, cost, weapon skins
valorant luna bundle 2023 release date, cost, weapon skins

If you don’t know, VALORANT is a RIOT development released on 2nd June 2020, offering a tactical 5v5 shooting game. The plus point is it is free of cost. The Luna Bundles can only cost you some bucks. You can also buy personalization items and weapon skins to cover your armor.

VALORANT Luna Bundle Essentials: All You Need To Know

The announcement of releasing the VALORANT Luna Bundle has also raised questions regarding its release date, cost, and the weapon skins it includes. The following list has the answers to all your concerns.

VALORANT Luna Bundle Release Date

VALORANT Luna Bundle is set to officially be available in your game stores on 26th January 2023. Nevertheless, the authorities have twitted that the release is already live. Yet, initially, you can only avail of it on 26th January after the Christmas New Year 2023 on 22nd January, which has already passed. So, only two good days left, yay. 

However, the sad news is the release of the VALORANT Lunar Bundle will take over the availability of the ARAXYS Skin line, implying that the players will only be able to buy it after 25th January.

VALORANT Luna Bundle Cost

As the VALORAT Luna Bundle has yet to be made live, the authorities have yet to announce its price. However, we estimate it to be costly, concerning the items the newly released bundle includes. So, the players can expect to pay around 7000-8000 VALORANT points to get their hands on this Luna Bundle. These items also include VALORANT weapon skins. So, you know the wait will be worth it.

VALORANT Luna Bundle Weapon Skins

Talking about the inclusion of Weapon skins, let’s examine what weapon skins you can expect in this bundle.

It includes Weapon Skin for:

  • The Vandal
  • Spectre
  • Marshal
  • Ghost
  • Melee skin named Luna’s Descent

Additional items

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VALORANT Luna Bundle also contains a player card.

For good measure, it contains a gun buddy complementing the Year of Rabbit. The gun buddy also holds a light feature, which turns red from blue when fired. This feature is the same as the gun buddy in Ox presents in the celestial VALORANT Luna Bundle honoring the Year of the Ox.

Remember that this bundle celebrates the Year of the Rabbit, so all the items will follow a similar theme, following the Year of the rabbit festival theme 2023.

You can avail of all these inclusive items through your earned VALORANT points in the in-game store. If you want to look into what this VALORANT Luna Bundle will look like, you can give its officially released trailer a look.

However, as discussed above, you have to wait a little longer for complete access to the VALORANT Luna Bundle. Until then, play the game and earn enough VALORANT points to fill up your wallet equal to the bundle’s estimated price.

For now, we expect you have already enjoyed enough in the new year celebrations and the Year of the Rabbit festival 2023 on 22nd January. It will help you spend time and reduce the waiting time, which is obviously hard to do.

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