How to get Stardust in Pokemon Go

Stardust becomes the most significant resource regarding powering your Pokemon and acing challenging raids. In short, Stardust in Pokemon Go even leaves behind Candy and Pokecoins because of the same combat power aspect that also leads the players to win over the Go battle league in Pokemon Go. Luckily, getting Stardust in Pokemon Go isn’t even that tricky. Just grasping a few tricks will do the job. Otherwise, it can also work against you, draining all your reserves.

Nevertheless, isn’t it convincing that by dropping 100,000 amounts of Stardust in Pokemon Go, you can unlock Master League Dialga’s second move, and on dropping half a million, you can upgrade to level 50? Yet, it is a single Stardust for a single PvP mode, so you must get all the Stardust in Pokemon Go to lead the grind. But how can you get Stardust in Pokemon Go? Don’t worry. The following quick guide will surely give you the answer.

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How to get Stardust in Pokemon Go
How to get Stardust in Pokemon Go

Stardust in Pokemon Go: Tips and Tricks to Get Them All

Following are a few techniques to get Stardust Rewards as you play Pokemon Go. Note you can purchase Poke shops’ star pieces for up to 50% off for half an hour or get them as a reward for completing particular research tasks. You have to save these star pieces till you are ready to get all the Stardusts in Pokemon Go.

1. Catch Pokemon

One way to get Stardust in Pokemon Go is to catch Pokemons as much as possible. The players can get 100-Basic level Stardust on every Pokemon they catch. At the evolution stage, they get 300 Stardust. Moreover, Weather-boosted 2nd-evolution 500 Stardust and Weather-boosted 3rd-Evolution 600 Stardust are the fixed Stardust rewards. Weather conditions further alter this evolution stage. The weather boosts Pokemon gives around 25 extra stardust on every caught. For instance, Charmandar Pokemon becomes 125 Stardust worthy instead of 100 in sunny weather. You can get 3000 Stardusts in Pokemon Go as a 7-day Weekly Catch Bonus.

Yet, it doesn’t include the extra Stardust from the star piece increment. Moreover, on every first Pokemon catch, the players get a 600 boost to Stardust, and on maintaining a weak streak, the players can earn around 1800 Star Dust in one go. So, catch Stardust by catching all the Pokemons, avail of star pieces, employ weather bonus, maintain a 7-day catch streak, and make your Pokemon Go mobile game experience worthwhile.

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2. Hatch Pokemon

You can also get Stardust in Pokemon Go by hatching maximum eggs. If you have left some, you can enable the incubator feature to speed up the process. Let’s list down the worth according to the type of egg. 2km egg type is worth 400-800 Stardust, 5km Egg 800-1,600 Stardust (some also mark 600-1,600 Stardust with it), and 10km Egg 3200-6400 Stardust. It implies getting eggs of 12km and hatching them simultaneously by further boosting them with a star piece to get 3,200-6,400 Stardust x1.5 at a time as extra rewards.

3. Avail of Gifts in Pokemon Go

If you don’t want to waste time in hatching and catching multiple Pokemons in a go, you can also open the in-game gifts to get Stardust in Pokemon Go. If skills aren’t unnecessary, they get you almost 300 Stardusts as potential rewards. So, it will make you around 9000 Stardusts a day if you open thirty gifts a day, equal to the ones you get by hatching and catching Pokemon.

4. Play PvP Battles in Pokemon Go

Another strategy to get Stardust in Pokemon Go is to play PvP Battle League. Yet, the number of earned Stardust depends on your winning streak. Nonetheless, Battle League rewards are the easiest and quickest way to get Stardust, and boosting it with star pieces will add more. It includes Team Go Rocket and other casual battles. Yet, to participate in a Battle match, Team Go Rocket, you must reach level 8. The good thing is battling in Team Go Rocket can also give you 500-1,000 Stardust. Besides this, local friendly trainer battles like Master League Pokemon can provide you 500-1,000 Stardust, Ultra League offers 400-800 Stardust, and Great League delivers 300-600 Stardust.

5. Battle Team Raid Rewards

Raid battles are another way to get Stardust. It enables the players to catch dust in the shape of Pokemon and lets them get 1000 Stardust as Battle Raid’s completion reward. So, battle matches are also the easiest way to get 1000-1500 – Battle Stardust in Pokemon Go. However, you can only get Farm Stardust once in Raid battles, so you can’t afford repetitive loss to lose premium rewards.

6. Completing Field Research Tasks Special Research

Lastly, field research tasks are also an excellent way to get extra Stardust in Pokemon Go. The professor provides these field tasks randomly to the players. Yet, field research can get you 4,000 to even 100,000 extra stardusts. All just by completing field research only. However, every field research task is distinct from other and have individual challenging level, so play accordingly.

You can also get extra Stardust in Pokemon Go during community days and special events, like A Ripple in Time. It is not the rarest item, but as you can’t buy it from game currency, Stardust in Pokemon Go becomes the rarest among all.

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