PS5 Slim Rumored Release Date, Price, Design and More

PS5 Slim Rumored Release Date, Price, Design and More

Rumours of Sony working on a PS5 Slim, a sleeker version of the original PS5 console, have generated excitement among gaming enthusiasts. The rumoured PS5 Slim is expected to address the design issues of the original console, which received mixed reviews from fans. While speculation surrounds the driving force behind Sony’s potential release of the PS5 Slim, fans eagerly await official confirmation.

In this article, we will delve into the rumoured features and design changes, as well as the speculated release date, pricing, and involvement of Microsoft in supporting these rumours.

When will the PS5 Slim be released?

While reports of a PS5 Slim release have surfaced, the exact release date remains unverified. Speculation has arisen from a lawyer associated with Microsoft and the FTC, who predicts the PS5 Slim’s release toward the end of 2023. Although the source appears reliable, it is advisable to approach such news with caution until official confirmation is provided.

The notion of Sony launching a new device roughly three years after the successful release of the PS5 seems logical. Furthermore, Microsoft’s support of the rumours lends credibility to their potential truth. The rumoured PS5 Slim is expected to lack a disc drive and carry a price tag of around $400.

Regarding the disc drive, there are suggestions that it may be offered as a detachable accessory, enhancing the user-friendliness of Sony’s PS5 Slim design. The upcoming device will be an exclusively digital console if this proves true.

The higher price point aligns with the expected revolutionary features of the device. While Sony can set the price, they could lower it by adjusting material costs. However, pricing details will be addressed in due course. For now, anticipation for official confirmation should be the focus.

Undoubtedly, the PS5 Slim will not come at an affordable price. This is evident from the price hikes seen with the PS5, which have continued to rise rather than decrease. Therefore, it is wise to have realistic expectations regarding Sony’s pricing strategy for the upcoming device.

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PS5 Slim Rumored Release Date, Price, Design and More
PS5 Slim Rumored Release Date, Price, Design and More

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Rumours and Speculations about Sony’s PS5 Slim’s Design

With limited promotional information available, details about the design of the PS5 Slim remain scarce. However, we can speculate to provide a glimpse of what to expect.

If the rumours about the PS5 Slim are accurate, Sony’s next major launch in a couple of years could potentially result in a more portable device, deviating from the futuristic router-like design of its predecessors. Sony may prioritize compactness over SSD capacity to enhance portability.

Sony ultimately holds the authority over the design, leaving room for speculation and hope for the best outcome.

Other theories suggest that the storage capacity of the PS5 Slim may be increased to 1 TB. While this may sound ambitious, the decreasing prices of PCIe 4.0 SSDs could make it a reality. Although this remains speculative, such an addition could bolster sales of the rumoured device.

As we approach the end of 2023, fans eagerly anticipate Sony’s unveiling of the highly-anticipated news about the PS5 Slim. Until then, stay tuned for updates as we promptly add any official announcements to this site. Exciting information may be just around the corner, so keep checking regularly.

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