Roaring Moon Weakness Explained

Roaring Moon Weakness Explained

Roaring Moon is one of the brand-new Paradox Pokémon unveiled in Generation Nine. As a Dragon Pokémon and Dark type, it faces massive damage due to attacks from those dragon types and Rock types. However, psychic attacks do not impact Roaring Moon’s weakness, even throbbingly vulnerable to Fairy-type attacks. At this point, every Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet player probably knows that paradox Pokemon are superior to normal ones, and it is not easy to shut down RM.

Defeating them, or at least attempting effective damage to defeat them, could be challenging. Hence, for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players, we’ll discuss Pokémon Roaring Moon’s weakness in this article.

Roaring Moon Weakness: Location

The best way to reach the roaring Moon’s location is explicitly going to Station 3 from the area zero gate. RM is a substantial paradox, but its reliance on booster energy makes it challenging to use in competitive play. This Pokemon dragon type has a respectable 101 base attack Special Defense, offensive stats and 105 base attack earth power coupled with exceptionally high Attack and strong damage ability and middling Speed. A few Paradox Pokémon Scarlet & Violet stand out from the rest. RM, an ancient beast that resembles Roaring Moon Salamence and mega salamence, is one such Pokémon that Scarlet base game players may be familiar with.

It’s safe to say that this is the most difficult ancient Pokémon that isn’t a Legendary, as any players who participated in PPokemon Scarlet’s final battle may know. However, it still has some flaws, which can be quickly and effectively exploited with some understanding. This makes it relatively easy to do adequate damage and wipe out entire teams, mainly if its Photosynthesis ability is used to increase the base power of its Attack.

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Roaring Moon Weakness Explained
Roaring Moon Weakness Explained

Roaring Moon Weakness: Type

Considering the Pokemon types for Roaring Moon, weakness is significant. Sadly, this Paradox Pokémon is a Dragon / Dark-type, which is terrible news for the roaring Moon. This renders it vulnerable to Fairy-type moves, particularly Fighting, Bug, Ice types, and Dragon moves. Furthermore, only a few of its attacks can defend against Fairy-types, so a roaring moon weakness. It doesn’t have many options, but thanks to TMs, it doesn’t wholly lack coverage in that area.

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Roaring Moon Weakness: Combat Competitor

One of the most significant ways to combat Roaring Moon’s weakness is with Chien-Pao, Dragapult, or Koraidon. If none of these Pokémon are available to you because they are version-exclusive or only become available after the credits, Meowscarada or Mimikyu might be unexpectedly good alternatives. While the latter is sure to survive at least one strike from Roaring Moon’s base Speed, the former can do massive damage and defeat it.

Both can learn to Play Rough, a Physical Fairy-type Pokemon move that, when coupled with even mediocre base stats, will quickly decimate the health of the Paradox Pokémon. Avoid becoming overconfident, though, since you might not survive Roaring Moon’s subsequent move if it can still move after your strike, Roaring Moon’s weakness taking over. It’s possible that you won’t be hitting it at all if you can’t beat it hard, and that moment can be a game-changer.

In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Roaring Moon’s average physical mass is one of its other vital flaws. It can easily withstand special attacks and intense damage, which is concrete, but it can have trouble with physical attacks. This is because its base 71 Defense and base power is insufficient to defend against the best physical assailants.

Roaring Moon still outclasses most paradoxical Pokemon due to its muscular damage and tera flying abilities. Flying and tera types are both excellent choices as they can increase the damage of iron heads. Yet, you can employ this iron-head Pokemon. Due to its Dragon / dark type, it has an additional x4 double roaring moon weakness to Fairy types compared to Roaring Moon Salamence. You should be sure to leave out Dragon moves, Ghost, and Psychic when battling RM if there are any particular Pokemon you wish to stay away from.

Each is vulnerable to one or more of the Roaring Moon’s strikes. Watch for Roaring Moon’s tera flying and psychic attacks when engaging in combat. You are now fully informed regarding the best techniques against roaring moon weakness. Despite this, we believe that after reading this article, you will thoroughly grasp the roaring Moon’s fault.

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