PS5 Access Controller: Everything We Know

PS5 Access Controller: Everything We Know

The release of the PS5 gaming console is a technological revolution for the ages. The console has many innovative features, including the PS5 access controller. The PS5 access controller is a great initiative Sony took to promote inclusivity by allowing players with disabilities to play their favourite games. The introduction of the PS5 access controller received applause globally for all the right reasons. Find out more about why the PS5 Access Controller is such a great technological innovation and all the other details you want to know.

PS5 Access Controller: How does it work?

Initially known as Project Leonardo, the PS5 access controller was an idea pitched as a solution to provide a complete gaming experience to people with disabilities. The controller is spherical and has buttons around it in a circular pattern. In addition, there is a toggle stick to help players navigate around in games or for general use.

The PS5 Access Controller offers many hardware customization options to players, including the default settings. The buttons on the controller are detachable, and other controls can replace them. This unique feature provides players with the opportunity to customize the controller according to their needs. Moreover, the controller has swappable stick caps allowing players to change the texture of the buttons in case of any discomfort. The controller has many more features, including 4 aux ports for sound and haptic feedback. Players can make adjustments in the distance between the stick and the controller accordingly. 

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PS5 Access Controller: Other prominent features

The PS5 access controller allows players to configure the buttons for their needs. Players can create profiles and save their layout in the system so they do not have to map the input buttons every time they play. The controller settings allow toggle commands that serve as a singular input, or they can disable multiple buttons, preventing them from accidentally pressing on them. Furthermore, players can assign various commands to one button, making the experience more user-friendly.

Another unique feature of the PS5 Access Controller is pairing the device with other devices, such as access controllers or the regular DualSense controller. This feature allows them to experience haptic feedback and enjoy the game entirely. Moreover, the controller’s circular disk shape will enable controllers to be placed on any flat surface, making it easier to navigate.

Sony has also taken some safety steps to prevent accidents while using the controller. The PS5 Access Controller has slots to allow external control devices, such as trigger switches and other similar compatible accessories, which send signals to anyone nearby in case of a mishap.

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PS5 Access Controller: Everything We Know
PS5 Access Controller: Everything We Know

Why is the PS5 Access Controller one of a kind?

Sony has received many positive reviews about the controller in its testing stages, and their efforts to provide everyone with the right to enjoy it are noticeable. There are many ways the PS5 access controller is beneficial to people with all sorts of disabilities.

  • The different shapes and textures of the controller can allow people with sensory impairments to recognize the buttons easily.
  • The flat profile of the controller enables people with any limb issues to play the game on any flat surface instead of carrying it around in their hands, which may tire them. 
  • Players can experience the game better due to the haptic feedback provided by the controller.
  • Trigger alerts make the controller a very safe option in case of mishaps, as it turns off without doing any significant damage.

PS 5 Access Controller: Release Date and Price

The PS5 access controller is available on preorder and can be purchased from the website. However, the controller will officially release in the fall of 2023 with an initial release price of $200. 

So what are you waiting for? Preorders for the PS5 Access Controllers are now live on the official webstore.

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