How to Preload Starfield?

Although Steam players still have to wait for around two weeks, the players having Xbox can easily preload Starfield on their gaming console initially when Bethesda Game Studios announced the release of the game’s early access years before the reveal was revealed. Yet, now, the game is ready to rule the world by becoming part of every gaming device shortly- the best news for the gaming industry.

As the game is now complete and the developers are printing it onto the discs, the Steam preload of Starfield is also approaching, as seconded by the authorities. The preload option is available for Xbox only, but Steam users can also note the guidelines to be ready beforehand. Nevertheless, the following is a quick guide to preload Starfield to enrich your online gaming experience with this science-fiction RPG.

Preload Starfield: A Brief Guide for Xbox and Steam Players

As discussed above, the preload option is only available for Xbox, and Steam users have to wait a while to preload Starfield on the Steam Platform. The good news for Steam users is the Bethesda game studios/Bethesda has announced that they can preload Starfield on Steam deck on 30 August. However, sadly, there will only be a gap of one day between preloading Starfield and the beginning of early access.

So, it will be difficult for people who have pre-ordered Starfield’s premium edition but have a slow internet connection as Starfield’s download file size is hefty. The exact preload time is also unknown; you should start the following guide to avail of the offer as soon as it launches. Let’s begin.

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How to Preload Starfield?
How to Preload Starfield?

Preload Starfield: Pre-order the Game

The self-explanatory first step is to ensure you have pre-ordered the game. If you have availed of this Starfield early access before 17 August, the game will automatically preload on Xbox. In another case, you can manually preload Starfield- the space RPG if the update is available. Additionally, if your PC meets the game requirements and pre-ordered the Xbox version, you can instantly preload it on their compatible PCs. The rationale is the Xbox Game Pass allows players to play their digitally purchased games on PC- Windows 10 or 11, all Xbox consoles, and also enables cloud gaming services.

About this, PC users must manually preload the Starfield game. They can do it by clicking on the Starfield listed available on the left side of the Xbox application or Game Pass and selecting the update required option to start the update and access preload Starfield.

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Preload Starfield: Required Storage Space

Irrespective of the players’ console, plenty of space for Starfield is essential to ensure smoother gameplay. Starfield game requires a substantial disk space of around 125 GB to preload the game. Luckily, Xbox and PC consoles support drive space expansion. Otherwise, the players must remove one or two games from their devices to make enough space similar to Starfield’s file size. Also, Starfield has a large file size, so the download size is also sufficient. However, we can’t anticipate the exact time as it depends on the internet connection speed.

After meeting these two requirements, you can preload Starfield on your devices. Nonetheless, preload is available for Xbox and will be available for Steam on 3oth August. So, if you want to preload Starfield on your PC through Steam, keep an eye on the release date to locate the game in your game libraries soon after its release or employ the gaming VPN.

Isn’t it the beneficial aspect of preload as you can begin downloading the game before release, noting the official game launch is on 6 September? It will let you play this online game instantly after its release. Moreover, there are alternative game modes to Starfield that you can play while waiting, so make your gaming laptops ready to avoid a poor gaming experience.

So, preload Starfield ens,ure Starfield gaming in peace and have gaming sessions with your friends and family.

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