How To Get Enamorus in Pokemon Legends?

Embarking on the Incarnate Forces of Hisui adventure in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a thrilling endeavour that culminates in capturing the elusive Enamorus. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the intricate steps of acquiring this formidable creature, ensuring your success in this epic quest. Let’s dive into the process and master the art of capturing Enamorus!

Initiating the Journey: “Seeking the Remaining Plates”

Your quest commences with the mission “Seeking the Remaining Plates.” Upon its triumphant completion, a new phase of the Incarnate Forces of Hisui unfurls, guiding you to an extraordinary encounter.

Upon your return to Jubilife Village, your path converges with Galaxy Hall, where you’ll meet Cogita. Engaging in conversation with Cogita is the catalyst for the following enlightening journey. Subsequently, your pivotal objective is to fulfil the Pokedex entries for Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus.

Having accomplished these crucial tasks, retrace your steps to the Ancient Retreat area. Here, Cogita will divulge essential insights into capturing Enamorus. Armed with this knowledge, you can embark on the ultimate challenge.

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How To Get Enamorus in Pokemon Legends?
How To Get Enamorus in Pokemon Legends?

How To Get Enamorus in Pokemon Legends?

Unveiling Enamorus’ Location

Locating Enamorus is a straightforward endeavour. Venture to the Scarlet Bog region within the Crimson Mirelands, where Enamorus awaits your arrival.

Before pursuing Enamorus, ensure that the forces of Nature—Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus—have achieved Research Level 10 in your Pokedex.

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Capturing Enamorus: The Strategy Unveiled

Resembling previous encounters, capturing Enamorus requires strategic finesse. Equip yourself with a Spoiled Acorn—an optimal item for incapacitating the creature. Beware of the potent tornadic assaults that precede the battle, capable of inflicting substantial damage. If struck by these storms, exercise patience until the status effect dissipates.

As the battle commences, Enamorus enters Level 70. Enhance your mobility across the swampy terrain by riding a Wrydeer—a prudent choice over navigating on foot.

Adhere to these steps meticulously: When Enamorus prepares to strike, dismount the Wrydeer and stun it with your item. Simultaneously, employ a Pokémon attack. Strategic placement, evasion, or area attacks can further bolster your advantage. Focus on depleting Enamorus’ energy before executing the capture.

While the endeavour may prove arduous, persistence shall prevail. If challenges mount, deploy Ultra Balls to sway the battle in your favour.

Reaping the Rewards

Upon successfully ensnaring Enamorus, your Pokedex entry attains completion. A coveted reward awaits—the Reveal Glass Item. This invaluable artefact empowers you to effectuate the transformation of Legendary and the trio into their Therian Formes at your discretion.

Understanding Enamorus’ Attributes

Comprehending Enamorus’ attributes empowers your conquest. Noteworthy statistics include:

  • HP: 74
  • Attack: 115
  • Defence: 50
  • Special Attack: 135
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 106

Enamorus wields two formidable abilities. ‘Healer’ enables Enamorus to heal an ally’s status condition, while ‘Contrary’ orchestrates a mystifying reversal of stat effects. The synergy between these abilities engenders a potent adversary. Approach the encounter stealthily to ensure victory.

With this comprehensive guide, capturing Enamorus in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is within your grasp. As updates emerge, this guide shall evolve to provide timely insights. Stay attuned to unlock the full potential of your Pokémon journey!

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