How to Become a Pilot in Bitlife?

Applying for a pilot trainee position to pursue a career as a pilot in Bitlife can be a pretty daunting task due to the numerous requirements you need to fulfill. There are several steps and procedures that you must complete before reaching the coveted pilot’s seat. In this article, we’ll walk you through the entire process. So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in!

Several ways can ensure you land the Pilot job. It all depends on how you approach these techniques! You can either attend a proper university to get a degree and then go for the job. The other option requires you to join the Air Force in the military and then apply for the Pilot trainee job. However, the latter may prove to be troublesome.

How to Become a Pilot in Bitlife: It Requires a Lot of Hard Work

Bitlife offers a multitude of careers that are sometimes easy to follow and occasionally hard to pursue. Becoming a pilot requires extensive hard work! In a nutshell, you must graduate from a university, enroll in a pilot school, get a pilot license, and consequently find a job!

The system works quite like real-world university applications. A strong portfolio will help you land a decent scholarship to elevate your chances of getting into a good school. However, if, due to unforeseen circumstances, you don’t meet the criteria of the scholarship, you can still afford it with a part-time job! To simplify the task, go for an engineering degree, and once you complete this 4-year-long course, you’ll be ready to go for the next step! Many attend medical school, and you can maintain your smartness stats by following the library frequently.

Next comes the flight school! This one will hurt your pocket as it requires a lot of dollars. Furthermore, your character must be 18 or above for the flight school. This stage requires the players to complete 40 hours of school! You must head to ‘Activities’ and find ‘Licences.’

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How to Become a Pilot in Bitlife?
How to Become a Pilot in Bitlife?

Once these hours have been completed, you’ll be eligible to take the test. These questions are generally about aircraft-related knowledge. Passing this test will finally give you your license! We have discussed the commonly asked questions below.

You have a university degree and a pilot’s license, so the hard part is almost done. It is time to start hunting for jobs! Go to the full-time job list and scroll until you find ‘Pilot Trainee.’ You’ll likely see it with an ‘Airline’ tag and an emoji. There’s a high chance that you may not be able to see it. Don’t panic; reopening the app can quickly fix this, or you’ll have to age up and recheck the list.

Once you apply for the interview, you are likely to get it. The process becomes problematic only when you cannot find job offerings! Once approved, head to the ‘job button’ and click ‘work hard.’ This will promote you in the following way: pilot trainee to Co-Pilot, Co-Pilot to Pilot, Pilot to Airline Captain.

Once you find a perfect job, give a flawless interview, and secure the position, from this point onwards, you’ll be able to receive multiple promotions.

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How to Become a Pilot in Bitlife: Tricks to Improve Your Chances of Securing the Job

There are a lot of factors that aren’t under your control as you begin your journey in the game. Nevertheless, you must start working your way up from the very first second! Being randomly assigned a character with a different nationality or background shouldn’t become your weakness. Use your character’s strengths to favor you in becoming a pilot. It would be best to be vigilant of your character’s smartness stats for this job. If its score is below 85, starting a new random life is highly advisable. If you choose to proceed, the following stages will become increasingly difficult.

You must maintain a high smartness score by attending a high school and visiting the library often. Becoming a pilot doesn’t require any specific university degree. So, enroll yourself in any degree of your choice, and your job is done!

How to Become a Pilot in Bitlife: The Test is Full of Tricky Questions

After completing 40 hours of training, your character will take the test. Some of the most frequently asked questions are mentioned below. So, ensure you go through them before starting with the test!

– The force that counteracts the drag force for flight: Thrust.

– The term for the rotational movement of the nose of the plane: Roll.

– The nickname for the six basic aircraft instruments: The Six Pack.

– The name of this flap on the horizontal stabilizer: Elevator.

– The name of this flap on the vertical stabilizer: Rudder.

– The force that counteracts the thrust force for flight: Drag.

– The name of the pilot’s area on the plane: Cockpit.

– The airfield landing marker of a red background, with a yellow line from the right corner to the bottom left: Land Cautiously.

-The airfield landing marker of a red background and yellow cross: Landing prohibited.

– The airfield landing marker of a red background with two yellow lines down the middle: Emergency Landing Only.

– The aircraft marshal signal of crossing signals above their head: Stop.

– The aircraft marshal signal of right hand straight, left hand moving up: Turn left.

– The aircraft marshal signal of two hands up straight: Continue straight.

–  The name of this pitot-static instrument that has vertical speed at the center: Vertical speed indicator (VSI).

– Altimeter is the name of this pitot-static instrument with ALT at the center.

– The name of this gyroscopic instrument with an airplane in the center, with an L on the left and an R on the right: Lean indicator.

– The name of this gyroscopic instrument with the outline of an airplane at the center: Heading indicator.

That was a complete guide to ‘How to Become a Pilot in BitLife.’ For more information, stay tuned!

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