How old is Nezuko in demon slayer?

As a Demon Slayer fan, it is customary to be curious about how old Nezuko is, a character holding around 3k votes in the character popularity poll, and you are definitely at the right place to get the answers. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, a 2016 Koyoharu Gotouge manga series turned into the most famous anime and movie by Ufotable, is a recent blockbuster in the gaming industry. According to Anime News Network 2019, Demon Slayer was set to get 25 million copies irrespective of the release version.

Concerning all this, only answering how old Nezuko is won’t be justifiable. So, let’s also look into who Nezuko is and what makes this series worth discussing besides exploring how old Nezuko is. Let’s begin.

Demon Slayer Story: Important to know How old is Nezuko

This popular series holds the tragic backstory of a society fighting with demons full of thirst for human blood and human flesh and a boy curing his sister from an infestation and defeating these demon forms to save the community. Tanjiro Kamado and his one-year-old younger sister Nezuko Kamado, residing in one of the mountainous villages with their other family members, are both protagonists in Demon Slayer. These two encountered constant biting attacks from demons, converting people into their fellow monsters. The villagers have also hired a demon slayer corp to fight these powerful demons.

Yet, fast forwarding, when Nezuko Kamado also gets bitten by the demon, Tanjiro Kamado, with his hard work of around two years, joins the corp to fight human bloodthirsty demons and get a cure to bring his sister back into human form. Another purpose of defeating monsters is to avenge his parents, brothers Rokuta Kamado & Takeo Kamado, and a sister, Hanako Kamado, whom they lost during the attack. So, this two-year gap is essential to understanding Nezuko’s age.

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How old is Nezuko in demon slayer?
How old is Nezuko in Demon Slayer?

How old is Nezuko in Demon Slayer?

From Demon Slayer’s Episode 1 of Season 1, Nezuko Kamado’s age was 12 years increased to 14 in the 3rd Episode of Season 1, marking her birthday celebration on December 28. Yet, it isn’t Nezuko Kamado’s specific birth date. The rationale is the Demon Slayer’s events; it is evident that this anime series is set when the Taishō Emperor ruled Japan. This Taishō era spans July 30, 1912, to December 25, 1926, implying that the birthdate of Kamado Nezuko is between this time. However, the age Demon Slayer fan’s favourite character, Nezuko, surprises the fans due to her strong willpower and fighting style, employing her Brute strength powered by her naturally gained physical strength.

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How old is Nezuko in Demon Slayer Season 2?

The quick answer to how old Nezuko is now is that she is physically 12 years old but chronologically 14 years old. It is because of the period she spent sleeping to gain her physical strength without devouring humans for it. Plus, demons don’t undergo any ageing in their physical form; the same goes for Demon Slayers. So, the response to how old Nezuko is is 12 to 14 years old.

How old is Nezuko at the end? Does she get her human form back from the demon transformation?

The Demon Slayer’s end shows the revival of Tanjuro Kamado’s and Kie Kamado’s daughter Nezuko Kamado as human, displaying her brother’s strong willpower and fighting abilities to find a cure for his sister. As mentioned above, Nezuko and Tanjiro were the only ones who survived Muzan Kibutsuji’s attack, known as the king, due to his demon abilities. However, Nezuko’s slash wounds took a little time to heal compared to the regeneration of demons despite the severity of her injurious slash wounds. It is because of her regenerative ability.

Besides knowing how old Nezuko is, most fans are curious to know how Nezuko looks, so here is a quick trip into it.

Nezuko, voiced by a Japanese voice actor, is a five-foot-tall demon or kind of weird Dandelion wearing the exact pink kimono while carrying Rokuta Kamado and a pink ribbon to tie her hair. She has sharp nails, or to say, stiletto nails, and also a bamboo muzzle and footwear that she lost during an infestation. The purpose behind calling her weird Dandelion is despite her being thirsty for human blood and human flesh, she is less vengeful and has considerable human emotions towards her fellow demon slayers, relying only on her brute strengths.

With this, we hope that you have an answer to how old Nezuko is in Demon Slayer. Stay tuned for more information!

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