How do you defeat Steel Watch Titan Boss in BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, dismantling the Steel Watch Foundry hinges on a formidable final encounter with the Steel Watch Titan. This battle has proven to be a substantial challenge for many players, demanding extreme preparation. However, it’s not solely the Titan that poses a threat; you’ll also face the three troublesome Hellfire Steel Watchers, intensifying the mission’s complexity. Here, we’ll provide some key strategies to aid you in defeating the Steel Watcher Titan Boss. So, let’s delve into these tactics without further delay.

The Titan Boss in Baldur’s Gate 3 boasts a massive HP bar, making it an undefeatable enemy due to its incredible health reserves. Therefore, your primary objective should be finding methods to deplete its HP pool. As stated by Upcomer, this approach will pave your way to victory.

Defeat Steel Watcher Titan Boss by Following These Steps

Before the fight with Titan Boss begins, you’ll be pitted against the three Hellfire Steel Watchers guarding the area. While you initiate the war, the Steel Watch Titan Boss will appear in the middle of the room.

Now, this is where the gamers make mistakes. Their attention goes straight to the Stell Watch Titan Boss, who is not the only most potent force. Because the Steel Watchers also pose an equally deadly threat. It is better to deal with these watchers in the beginning. As soon as you launch an attack, they self-detonate, and this detonation’s ripple effect might also harm the Titan Boss. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Furthermore, if the watchers are dealt first, it gives your group enough time to defeat the Steel Watch Titan.

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How do you defeat Steel Watch Titan Boss in BG3?
How do you defeat Steel Watch Titan Boss in BG3?

Titan Boss’ weakness is lightning. Using this information, we’ll launch continuous lightning skills, scrolls, or arrows to harm both the Boss and the watchers. The Boss has just one critical defensive move, and if all your teammates gang up against him simultaneously, it will cause its HP to deplete faster.

Defeating Steel Watcher Titan Boss is not that difficult. However, what makes it hard to accomplish is the lack of equipment. As you emerge from the battle with the watchers, there’s a high chance you’ll have run out of the lightning spells and arrows. Using alternatives to defeat Steel Watch Titan Boss will not be the same. However, you only stand a chance if all group members unite to work against the Boss.

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DeBoss Steel Watch Titan Boss With Attacks That Cause 15 Damage or More

You’ll have to adopt this strategy because Titan Boss will turn into its turtle form after being attacked to minimize the damage. Thus, any other attacks will not prove effective.

However, this option won’t always be available as there’s a high chance that you have run out of such attacks. In this worst-case scenario, you can wait for the Titan Boss to exit its turtle position. Only then you’ll be able to continue with your mission. Considering you have run out of lightning arrows, go for basic bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage. These don’t cause much destruction, but they’ll lower Titan Boss’ HP bar together.

This is pretty much it! Once the Steel Watcher Titan Boss has been defeated, quickly loot him and take the legendary bow. Now, you can easily blow the Steel Watch Foundry.

Well, that was a complete overview of what to defeat Steel Watcher Titan Boss. All you have to do is follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be ready! For more information, stay tuned!

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