Kingdom Hearts 4 Rumoured To Release in 2025 for PS5

Kingdom Hearts 4 is an action role-playing video game developed by Square Enix. It continues Sora’s journey as he becomes trapped in Quadratum, a more realistic world inspired by Tokyo. The latest installment follows the “Lost Master” story arc.

Alongside Donald and Goofy, players guide Sora in his quest for freedom, progressing the story from Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

The game’s reveal trailer was released in 2022. Since then, fans have been patiently waiting for its official release. This article will explain everything we know about Kingdom Hearts IV.

The latest Kingdom Hearts 4 Game Update

Kingdom Hearts 4
Kingdom Hearts 4

In a recent interview with IGN, Yoko Shimomura, the series composer, confirmed her involvement in Kingdom Hearts 4. She disclosed that she’s currently composing several songs for Kingdom Hearts 4, though she couldn’t reveal more details. While this update might leave Kingdom Hearts fans craving more information after a year of silence, it’s great knowing that the game’s soundtrack is in the hands of someone who’s been part of the franchise from the start.

Other than that, fans are already aware that the new game will feature the world of Verum Rex, a video game inside a video game. It also has a series of new and recurring gameplay mechanics. These include a new build command, keyblade transformations, parkour elements, and the “Dearly Beloved” Reaction Command from part two, which is returning. Kingdom Hearts 4 will be available on gaming platforms like PS5 and Xbox series X|S. However, we are not sure if this all-new adventure will be available on other platforms such as PC, mobile game, PS5 Pro, PS6, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo Switch 2.

Moreover, the photo-realistic trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4 shows a completely revamped art style. Some people are even speculating to get a glimpse of Star Wars and Disney-themed worlds through the trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Rumored to Come out in 2025

Kingdom Hearts 4 might be arriving sooner than anticipated.

According to DanielRPK on Twitter, the highly anticipated installment in the Kingdom Hearts series is rumored to be released in 2025. Allegedly, the game has been in development for the past four years. Additionally, DanielRPK recently leaked information about a follow-up to Sonic Frontiers being in development as well.


Game Plotline

In the plot of Kingdom Hearts 4 revealed so far, Riku, Kairi, and their allies are on a mission to rescue Sora. Ventus, Aqua, and Terra have ventured into the realm of darkness, while Kairi is in a state of slumber, searching for clues within the past.

During her quest, she discovers the existence of an “other side,” leading to the realm of fiction. Riku decides to follow this path to locate and safely rescue Sora.

In the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3, both Sora and Riku are seen exploring Quadratum. The reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 depicts Sora waking up in an apartment under the care of a character named Strelitzia, who has also transitioned to the realm of fiction from Kingdom Hearts Union X. Strelitzia was intended to be a Union leader but was removed from that role by a hypnotized Ventus, and her rulebook was stolen by Darkness.

The main antagonist, Master of Masters, shall be revealed in Kingdom Hearts 4.

Check the teaser trailer for more sneaky details. The stunning trailer was released in April 2022 to celebrate the game series’ anniversary.

Another interesting aspect of Kingdom Hearts 4 is the Quadratum. The director of the game discussed with Game Informer.

“It serves as the primary hub within the game,” series director Tetsuya Nomura explained, “players will spend time there before venturing into different worlds, and then return to it.”

Nomura also mentioned incorporating “a more realistic daily life aspect to Sora’s life.”

Players will have the opportunity to enter and exit Sora’s room and spend time there. “I believe players will get to experience more of the day-to-day routines he goes through.”

Check this space for more updates on the long-awaited game Kingdom Hearts 4.


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