PS6 Release Date Speculation: News and Rumours

PS6 Release Date Speculation: News and Rumours

As gamers eagerly anticipate the next evolution in gaming consoles, all eyes are on the upcoming release of the PlayStation 6 (PS6). Many have anticipated the release of PS6, so keep reading to discover when you’ll get your hands on it.

Potential Release Date of PS6

According to analysts, if we follow Sony’s new consoles launch trend which is approximately after every seven years, then the potential release date of PS6 is anticipated to be in 2027-28.  Sony’s team is finally bidding farewell to PS5 and looking forward to new developments. On February 14, 2024, Sony’s senior vice president, Naomi Matsuoka, shared some exciting news. She revealed  that the base console PS5, released in 2020, is about to enter ‘the latter half of its lifecycle.’


She stated, “As such, we will put more emphasis on the balance between profitability and sales. For this reason, we expect the annual sales pace of PS5 hardware to start falling from the next fiscal year.”

The historical trend of PlayStation launches reveals that Sony has consistently favored November as the release month. So, we can expect the day to be any time in November 2028!

Statement From Senior Analyst

Moreover, George Jijiashvili, a senior analyst at Omdia, told IGN that they “Are expecting the PS5 Pro to be released in late 2024 — a year later than the equivalent PS4 Pro in its lifecycle. With that logic, we believe Sony is looking to extend PS5’s life cycle, with PS6 most likely to launch in 2028.”

Statement From Microsoft

Another source, Microsoft court documents, also suggest a release date 2028. During a trial, Microsoft hinted at a 10-year deal with Sony for Call of Duty games, suggesting it could extend beyond the expected start of the next console generation in 2028. This could mean that Sony plans to release the PS6 around that time. They stated, ‘This term would, in any case, go beyond the expected starting period of the next generation of consoles (in 2028).’

PS6 Price

Estimating the price of the PS6 is quite a challenge without solid details on its specs. We need to know what’s under the hood before we can guess. However, looking back at previous PlayStation releases and considering the rumored features, it’s unlikely that the PS6 will come cheap. Most folks reckon it’ll start around $499, if not closer to the dreaded $599 mark. But hey, until Sony spills the beans on what’s inside, it’s all just guesswork.

Features of the Upcoming PS6

According to Insider Gaming, they’ve got some info about a standout feature in the works for the PS6: PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). This tech enables games to run at 4K at a blazing 120 frames per second (fps) or an impressive 8K at 60 fps. They claim a toned-down version of PSSR might make its way into the PS5 Pro, but the real deal will be fully unleashed in the PS6.

Moore’s Law is Dead claims Sony will stick with AMD for the PS6 and PS5 Pro. This makes sense because the same setup used in the PS5 makes things like backward compatibility easier. The next-gen AMD chips are expected in 2025, possibly powering the PS6.

It should likely be included in the PlayStation 6, considering the significant focus on reducing loading times with the PS5. However, there haven’t been any leaks confirming this. By the time the PS6 is released, we can expect it to have at least 1TB of storage, especially if it is a digital-only console.

With virtual reality improving, VR, with a new PSVR 3, could make gaming even more immersive. Disney’s recent breakthrough with a limitless VR floor prototype adds to the excitement, hinting at a future holodeck-like experience.

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