PS5 Pro Release Date, Features, Price and Everything We Know

Long after the release of the PS5 base console, the rumors say the PS5 Pro is also in the making. Some of these rumors were canceled, and some still stand strong. So, we can rely on those rumors and leaks to know about the new model’s release in the PS5 console generation. Let’s explore all these rumors and leaks about the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro Release Date

Although Sony hasn’t officially announced anything, rumors are that PS5 Pro will be released by the end of 2024. Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson confirms this. He has recorded that it will probably be released in November 2024. However, we should still take the rumors with a grain of salt until the official announcement.

PS5 Pro
PS5 Pro

PS5 Pro Price

As there isn’t any official announcement regarding the pricing for this PS5 console is unknown. If we delve into history, in 2019, Sony revealed its PS4 Pro for the launch price of $399, a price 100 dollars more than the price of PS4 at its initial launch. So, we can expect more or less a similar difference between the PS5 base console and the Pro console. This implies that the PlayStation 5 slim console with no disc drive costs $449.99, and the disk console costs $499.99. So, the anticipated launch price of PS5 Pro, if Sony persists on the $100 difference, can range between $549.99- $599.99. Besides, the rumors say Sony will also release new accessories for PS5, like the detachable Disc Drive or handheld device to complement PlayStation’s remote playing feature.

PS5 Pro Rumored Design and Specifications

Again, there isn’t officially much known about the PS5 Pro’s design and specifications. So, we can’t assure you what Sony’s next-gen console will include and what it will look like. Yet, the leaks and rumors indicate that PS5 Pro will focus on upscaling for high resolution and frame rate visuals. Tom Henderson also stated in his one Key to Gaming post that Sony would focus on employing higher resolution of 4k to 8k with “accelerated ray tracing technology.” Another leak by the Youtuber Moore in his channel Law is Dead supported this rumor as he revealed an official PlayStation document in that episode. The leaks say this feature will make PS5 Pro stand apart from Sony’s previously launched slim and original consoles.

There are also speculations that Sony is planning to ship its PS5 Pro dev kits in a few weeks. Insider Gamings has confirmed this rumor by saying that first-party developers will get Pro dev kits soon, but third parties still have to wait a few more months before they get their Pro dev kit. After years of doubting the rumors regarding the release, the distribution of Pro dev kits signals the early release of Pro. The rationale is that Sony is known to release mid-generation consoles to improve the base hardware. It released the Pro after almost three years of releasing the base PlayStation 4 console. So, we can expect Sony’s hardware upgrades in the form of PS5 Pro.

Yet, all this information is merely based on rumors and leaks. Anything can happen until Sony’s official announcement about its Next-Gen Console. So, the PS fans still have to wait for this biggest Tech News. Until then, you can look into the features of the PS5 console, whose fast SSD, AMD APU, 825 GB storage, and 16GB GDDR6 RAM make it the best flagship console among others.

Stay tuned for more updates on PS5 Pro. Happy Gaming!

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