What will Be Flip iPhone Release Date?

The market for foldable phones has grown significantly in the last few years, with Google, Samsung, and Motorola launching their foldable phones, such as the Pixel Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Motorola Razr Plus reboot. However, Apple has not yet joined this big market by launching its Flip iPhone despite rumors that the company has been doing its research for years now.

In September 2023, the standard iPhone 15 and Pro models were launched, but Apple did not give any hints about the Flip iPhone. However, recently, there have been rumors that the company is working on something big like iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max and will launch its Flip iPhone in two different sizes. So, here is everything we know about the new Flip iPhone!!

Does Flip iPhone Have A Release Date?

As per the rumors going around, it seems to be widely clear that the biggest tech giant is actively working to launch its Flip iPhone soon. For almost 10 years now, the company has been working towards securing patents for its Flip iPhone. But there is no guarantee whether or not this product will come in the market similar to that of AirPower. Despite rumors going around for so many years now, the Flip iPhone does not have a definite release date.

What will Be Flip iPhone Release Date?
What will Be Flip iPhone Release Date?

There were rumors in 2021 that the foldable phone would be released in the same year, but the year came and went. Further, in March 2021, Apply analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the foldable iPhone might be launched in 2023. But in 2023, there were no signs of the Flip iPhone. Chi Kuo stated that the tech giant is currently working on its issues related to technology and production prior to launching such a big device in the market.

Now, Display Analyst Ross Young has stated that the release of the Flip iPhone has been shifted to 2025, and Ming-Chi Kuo also reasserted this in a Twitter post in 2022.

Since these tweets, the rumors related to the Flip iPhone have slowed down and it does not seem that iPhone lovers will be getting a foldable iPhone in the year 2024, as reported by a study released by The Information.

Flip iPhone Design

In 2021, Bloomberg released a report stating that the tech giant had developed a functional prototype for its Flip iPhone. However, it is just a dummy model and is not working yet because it was developed from a patent. 

The company also seems to have secured patents for different types of foldable iPhones, ranging from flip-up displays to wraparound displays. As of now, we do not know what the confirmed design is, but analysts suggest that the company will pick the traditional fold-out design. 

Unlike Microsoft’s Surface Duo, which has hinges on its exterior, Apple’s design will have a continuous display with a concealed hinge system.

Jon Prosser, an Apple leaker, suggested in 2021 that the foldable iPhone will have a clamshell design and be launched in different, bright pastel colors compared to the regular iPhones.

Barriers To Flip iPhone

Since other companies are busy launching their foldable phones in the market, Apple has been studying the challenges faced by these companies and how users will use them. 

The company has identified the first challenge as the crease. Many of the screen cover materials, like the blend of plastic and glass in Samsung’s Z Fold, show a very noticeable crease when the screens are folded.

In order to prevent this issue, Apple might have to wait for Corning, the company that provides screen glasses to Apple, to make a flexible and better version of the glasses. The company is said to be developing this version, but it has not yet said anything. 

In April 2022 Ming-Chi Kuo stated in a tweet that the tech giant is also working on an OLED screen for its foldable iPhone. But this is mere speculation until we hear anything from the officials.

Flip iPhone Price

Another rumor with regard to the Flip iPhone is about its price. While Samsung’s Z Flip phone, which flips like a clamshell, costs $999, other foldable phones in the market, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5, cost as much as twice its price. Based on this, we cannot expect the Flip iPhone to be any cheaper. But, to compete with other foldable phones in the market, Apple has to keep its price of the Flip iPhone in line with the latest flip and non-flip phones in the market. 

Last year, a study found that almost half of American buyers want to purchase a Flip iPhone. Also, people who already use an iPhone are less eager for a Flip iPhone than Samsung and other Android phone users. However, we do not know this for sure because the Apple effect can change the stats anytime!! 

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