iPhone Flip Release Date, Price, and Specs

iPhone Flip Release Date, Price, and Specs

iPhone lovers have been reeling for the iPhone Flip as the rumors have been circulating for years now! However, these rumors are just rumors because Apple has not given any solid news on whether they are working on the iPhone Flip or not. 

While other brands such as Samsung, Google, Motorola, and OnePlus are continuously introducing their foldable phones in the market, Apple is taking its sweet time in giving any official information.

Apple launched its iPhone 15 series in September 2023,and before that we witnessed new iPad with OLED screen, but there were no signs of the Flip series. It seems that Apple is focusing on something else, such as the Apple Vision Pro, which was just released in 2024. Due to this, nobody has a clear picture of whether or not they will focus on launching the iPhone Flip series.

iPhone Flip
iPhone Flip

However, recent rumors suggest that Research and prototype development have been ongoing for around five years and has been working to launch the Flip series in two different sizes. Let us see whether there is any truth in these rumors!

Iphone Flip Does Not Have A Release Date

As of now, there is no release date for the iPhone Flip, and the 2027 release date does seem to be a viable rumor. 

Earlier, there were rumors that 2021 would be the year Apple would launch its Flip series, but the year came and went, and there were no signs of it. Then, in March 2021, Min-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, hinted at a 2023 launch through Macrumors. But the year also came and went.

Kuo later stated that Apple still has some technology issues and production problems which they need to address before bringing such a device to the market. So, we’ll have to wait. 

In February, Ross Young, a regular display analyst, stated that the iPhone Flip might not be released until 2025, and Ming-Chi reasserted this in an April 2022 tweet.


Since then, the rumors about the iPhone Flip have cooled down, and it does not seem clear whether or not we will get it in 2024.

Iphone Flip Price

As the iPhone Flip release date is a big question, people are also speculating about its cost. Samsung’s Z Flip 5 might be the most affordable in this category at $999, but all others in the foldable category, such as Google Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold, are expensive.

These are almost double the price of most flagship phones available in the market. Based on this, we can expect the iPhone Flip to be on the high end. However, if Apple wants its Flip series to be in line, it has to price it accordingly, keeping other foldable devices in mind.

If we look at Samsung’s Galaxy Fold’s price, the iPhone Flip could cost around $2,000, or they can combine the prices of iPhone and iPad mini, which can be around $1400. 

Last year, there was a report that several American consumers wanted to buy an iPhone Flip, but regular Apple users were a bit less excited about this. However, this might change once Apple launches its Flip series in the market. 

iPhone Flip Specs

The next question that lingers around is how will the iPhone Flip work. As per the rumors, Apple could go with one large, foldable screen or two separate screens that fold over, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. It could also have three screens, two regular ones and a third, which activates when the device is folded.

It is also speculated that Apple’s first foldable phone might also have a clamshell design. This suggests that it might look similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. 

Apple has also recently experimented with different prototypes with foldable displays to make the Flip series a little thinner than the regular iPhones. The company may also launch two different versions of the iPhone Flip. 

Ming-Chi Kuo also suggests that it could have an 8-inch screen. Meanwhile, Omdia speculated that it could have an OLED screen and stand at 7.3 to 7.6 inches.

Apple is also experimenting with a color e-ink display that can be used as a second screen in the iPhone Flip, as mentioned by Ming-Chi Kuo in a tweet.

With regard to the colors, Space Gray and Silver are the usual colors for Apple, so we can expect the same in the iPhone Flip. But we can also expect other colors like Graphite, Green, Product Red, Gold, and/or Sierra Blue. Also, it is expected that the storage space might not change and will stay the same as current iPhones.

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