What are the Rules of Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight?

What are the Rules of Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight?
What are the Rules of Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight?

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight on July 20 has been officially sanctioned as a licensed professional bout.

It has thus been verified that the event “will indeed be recognized as a professional fight by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.”

In this duel, Paul, a 27-year-old social media personality turned boxer, will go against Tyson, a 57-year-old former heavyweight champion. It has stirred significant controversy since its announcement. Paul has built a reputation for challenging predominantly athletes past their prime, ranging from former NBA player Nate Robinson to several former UFC competitors. By stepping into the ring with Tyson, who hasn’t participated in a licensed professional bout since 2005, Paul has pushed the boundaries of his previous endeavors even further.

What are the Rules of Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight?

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight has been officially sanctioned, but it won’t adhere to the typical rules of boxing matches.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson
Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson

Instead of the usual three-minute rounds for men’s boxing, this bout will consist of eight rounds, each lasting two minutes. Additionally, the fighters will be using larger gloves weighing 14 ounces, deviating from the standard size. The changes were made to make the competition more entertaining. It will be broadcast on Netflix.

Moreover, knockouts are allowed, and the outcome will depend on the judges’ scorecards if the fight lasts the entire duration.

Press Conference on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight

In an introductory press conference held in May at New York, Jake Paul addressed the hyped Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight. He said,

“After the contract was signed, we got a call from Mike’s team and they were like, ‘Hey, he wants it to be a pro fight for sure. He wants that. He wants to put it all on the line.’ I respect Mike for that and if he wanted it to be that, then let’s run it.”

He added,

“It’s gonna be a firefight, more punches, it’s going to be a sprint so it’s going to be more entertaining for the viewers.”

Mike Tyson also replied by saying,

“I wanted the shorter rounds because I wanted more action. If we only have two minutes, we’ll fight more.”

Tyson’s last professional bout was in 2005, although he did engage in an exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. Tyson delivered an impressive performance that evening despite the contest being “scored” by three guest judges who declared it a split draw.

In contrast to the Jones exhibition, Tyson’s upcoming match against Paul will depend on his professional record, which presently stands at 50 wins and 6 losses.

Fans Predictions about who will win the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight

In his final fight in 2005, Tyson experienced exhaustion in the early rounds and was ultimately halted by journeyman Kevin McBride.

Similarly, in his preceding match against Danny Williams in 2004, Tyson was knocked out earlier. Both opponents were considered less skilled, leading boxing enthusiasts to speculate that Tyson could face a similar fate against the 27-year-old Jake Paul unless the bout is somehow managed or treated as more of an exhibition than a genuine contest, as is being marketed. Concerns arise from Tyson’s reported marijuana use, which some believe could impact his stamina and contribute to early fatigue.

Jake Paul dismissed the rigging rumors for the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight. He said,

“I go on the Instagram comments, and I see them saying, ‘If Jake wins this fight, it’s rigged,’ because of how incredible he looks. “Age doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. He’s a killer and a warrior. He’s been doing this whole entire life, so it’s second nature to him. I’ve been doing this for four years, and I’ve been doing this at a super high level.”

He added with confidence,

“But on July 20th, I’m going to show the world that I can outbox Mike Tyson and prove everyone wrong and show that I’m the one making the killing.”
The fact that Paul goes for retired opponents makes his credibility as a fight dubious. But then again, he justifies it by saying that he fights against professional athletes with immense experience. The following is a list of opponents he has fought with and their ages.

Ryan Bourland: 35

Andre August: 35

Nate Diaz: 39

Tommy Fury: Domestic level cruiserweight

Anderson Silva: 49

Tyrone Woodley x 2: 42

Ben Askren: 39

Nate Diaz: 39

Ali Eson Gib: YouTuber

We will have to wait until July 20 to find out the outcome of the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight.