Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Time And Tickets

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Time And Tickets

The major fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson is really happening! This summer, the two professional boxers will enter the ring for one of the most controversial and talked-about fights of the year.

Jake Paul, who has transitioned from YouTuber to professional boxer, has recently called off some major fights with high-profile fighters but has given a go-ahead to his fight with Tyson, which will surely impact his career. He is aiming for a third win by defeating Mike Tyson after he won his last two matches against Andre August and Ryan Bourland.

Iron Mike, also known as Mike Tyson, took a break from professional boxing almost twenty years ago but returned to the ring for an exhibition match against Ro Jones in 2020. The match did not have a clear winner because it resulted in a draw. Now, he is returning to the professional ring against Jake Paul after four years. So here’s everything you need to know about this fight!!

What Is The Date And Time For Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson?

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing Match Time
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing Match Time

On Saturday, July 20, 2024, Paul, who is 27 years old, and Tyson, who is currently 57, will face off against each other in an exhibition boxing match at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. As of now, the time for the fight has not been disclosed. Unlike other events, the fight will also be streamed online for viewers who are not able to purchase tickets. 

Even though Tyson is highly respected and has extensive experience in the boxing ring, many people speculate that he has little chance of winning. On the other hand, Jake Paul, despite being younger and less skilled, could have an advantage over him due to his strong training.

The upcoming fight will consist of eight rounds, each round lasting two minutes, and will feature slightly larger gloves than usual. Also, the bout will be officially sanctioned by the Texas Commission. The fight will be eight two-minute rounds with slightly larger gloves than normal.

On the undercard, Tyson and Paul’s match will be followed by an exciting rematch between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. These two women fighters previously headlined an event in April 2022 at Madison Square Garden.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing Match Time
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing Match Time

During this, Taylor won a split decision to keep her undisputed lightweight titles. Now, the two boxers will compete in a different than they did earlier because Taylor moved up to this weight class after winning a match against Chantelle Cameron.

How To Buy Tickets For Jake Paul And Mike Tyson’s Fight?

The tickets for Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s biggest professional boxing fight will be available for sale on May 16, 2024, Thursday at 12 pm on the official website Seatgeek. More than 120,000 fans have already signed up for the presale access however, the venue only has the capacity to accommodate 80,000 people. There will be intense competition and a high demand for tickets when they officially go on sale tomorrow.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Time

Are There Any VIP Packages Available?

Yes, fans who are craving an extra-special treat and want a luxurious experience can opt for a few VIP packages that have been revealed by the fight promoters. The first one is the Owner’s Experience, which costs $2 million and includes deluxe stays at hotels, one-on-one talks with Mike and Jake, and superior access to the boxing event.

Championship, Ringside VVIP, and Contender are the other superior packages that ensure first-class treatment to the die-hard fans.

Also, as the event is approaching the ticket prices in the secondary market are getting expensive. The least expensive ticket is available for $357 and the most preferred ringside seat is available for $8,067. 

How To Watch Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson On Streaming Service?

The much-anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will be streamed live on Netflix and the viewers or existing subscribers will not be charged any extra amount. If you have not signed up for Netflix, visit the official website right now. 

Since broadcasting NASCAR: Full Speed, Quarterback, Tour de France: Unchained and Under Pressure: The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team, and  Formula 1: Drive To Survive online, Netflix is expanding its sports coverage by streaming live boxing matches. 

With the fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson approaching fast, the excitement among boxing fans is increasing continuously. The bout will surely set the stage for being more than just a sports event.

Fight promoters are urging the fans to act swiftly to reserve their spots for the boxing event, as there will be a huge rush for tickets. The fight is going to be a memorable showdown between the two iconic personalities of the boxing world!!

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