MW2 Beta Crashing Continuously Crashing, How to Fix?

The MW2 Beta is crashing for PC users, and here’s how you can fix it. 

Players have been waiting for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for months now! Unfortunately, its release has not been as successful as we had hoped for. Although the gameplay, graphics and content of the game are spectacular, hundreds of users are complaining about sudden crashes. They are experiencing crash problems while starting the game. Moreover, some are even experiencing them during the gameplay, which causes them to lose battles without any fault of their own. 

Is your MW2 Beta crashing? Are you annoyed with the game constantly closing and ruining your chances of winning battles? Well, keep on reading to find out more about the issue and how to resolve it. 

MW2 Beta Crashing

The MW2 Beta shows the following error message before crashing and closing, “application has unexpectedly stopped working.” However, in some instances, even the error message does not appear! The game suddenly closes with no prior warning.

The root cause of Modern Warfare 2 Beta crashing is unknown as of yet. Activision has not officially acknowledged the issue and explained why it is happening. 

MW2 Beta Crashing
MW2 Beta Crashing

However, most players have suggested that the reason for the crash is operating systems that do not meet the requirements of the game. This issue only applies to PC, and consoles can not crash because of it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Release Date for PS4 and PS5

Other players have different views. Some have suggested that the issue is within the game itself and not the consoles! One reason could be that the Beta can not support a huge number of players at once. Another one could be an error with the code of the game. 

In conclusion, the exact cause is unknown at the moment. We are hoping the game developers acknowledge the issue and give an explanation to players soon. 

Fix The MW2 Beta Crashing Issue 

Fortunately, several players have reported on ways of fixing the crashing issue! The methods vary based on your console, and we’ve listed all of them down below. 

Fixes for PC Users

PC users can fix the Beta crashing issue using one of the methods given below. 

  • Install the latest graphics card drivers. You should look for the latest version of the AMD or Nvidia GPU drivers, as this will increase stability and fix crashing issues.
  • Close all unnecessary background apps. Having a lot of apps open can cause issues like sudden crashes. 
  • Install the new updates in the Beta. You can easily update your game by closing it and restarting Steam or reopening This will automatically install any new updates.
  • Decrease the game’s settings. Set all the options to low. Next, gradually increase each one and lock down the graphic options that suit your system configuration best. 

One of the methods will hopefully resolve your issue. However, PC users are experiencing most problems with the Beta, and hence, there is a small chance that none of the fixes will work. 

Fix The MW2 Beta Crashing Issue
Fix The MW2 Beta Crashing Issue

Fixes for PS4 

You can resolve the issue on your PS4 by following these steps.

  • Turn the safe mode on your PS4. Do this by turning off the console and holding the power button until you hear a beep from it.
  • Use a USB cable for plugging in your controller.
  • Now open Modern Warfare 2 and search “5: Rebuild Database Option.’ It will display a list of instructions that you must follow to fix any issues. 

This method has worked for almost all PS4 players and stopped their games from constantly crashing.

Fixes for PS5 

You can stop MW2 beta crashing by following the steps given below.

  • Delete the Mw2 Beta.
  • Put your PS5 into safe mode and connect the controller using a USB cable.
  • Open the settings on your PS5. 
  • Select the reset PS5 option. This will rebuild the database of your console. Make sure to back up all your files before doing this.
  • Reinstall the game. 

This method has been extremely successful in resolving MW2 Beta crashing for most PS5 players.

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