Witcher Remake release date Announced By CD Projekt 

Witcher Remake release date Announced By CD Projekt 

The Witcher remake release date was announced By CD Projekt for next-gen consoles! It will make its debut in December 2022.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out back in 2015. Almost a decade later, it is still one of the most trending RPGs of all time! Players are still obsessed with the game as they try to discover all of its thirty-six different endings. Additionally, the recent launch of the Netflix Witcher series has added to its popularity as the franchise saw a massive rise in its fans and followers! Tones of the series fans rushed to pick up copies of the game to get their hands on more Witcher content. 

So, it is no surprise that CD Projekt Red has renewed the game for a remastered edition so that new-gen console owners can enjoy it. Moreover, the new remake will include some new items, including new collectible items, armor, and side missions! 

When will the upcoming remake come out? What is the exact release date? Keep on reading to find out details of the Witcher Remake release date announced by CD Projekt. 

The Witcher Remake release date Announced By CD Projekt

The Witcher Remake will debut on December 14, 2022, as confirmed by the CD Projekt Red’s Twitter account. It will release on Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. 

Players who already own the game will get the new game free of cost! However, those that do not have it will have to buy it.

The Witcher Remake release date Announced By CD Projekt
The Witcher Remake release date Announced By CD Projekt

The upcoming remake was initially revealed in CDPR’s investor presentation for Q3 2022. A presentation slide defined the game as a “story-driven, single-player open-world RPG.” 

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Witcher Remake New Features And Content 

The upcoming remake took several ideas from Netflix’s The Witch. Although the series tried to follow the same storyline as the books and games, some production designs and plots are different. So, CD Projekt is adding side missions from the series into the new remake! 

Witcher Remake New Features And Content 
Witcher Remake New Features And Content

They are also adding several designs from the series into the game. A few notable ones are, 

  • Dandelion’s new appearance is based on the series.
  • Nilfgaardian armor was modified to match the Netflix series’ design. 
  • Geralt’s new armor set is based on the series. 

Apart from content taken from Netflix, the remastered edition will also improve several other aspects of the game. It includes better textures, ray tracing, and graphics enchantments. Moreover, since the game had to be upgraded to become playable on new-gen consoles, players can play the game in 4k at 60 fps. 

Players can also enjoy a more cinematic experience with decreased FPS and increased focus on graphics using ray tracing. They could also play in performance mode at 60 FPS with ray-tracing disabled. 

This feature will be available on all consoles except Xbox Series X. 

Moreover, the remake includes more weather, including fog and misty weather. It has improved character customization and better landscapes, including a sense of grass and forests; the lighting and illumination are also much better in the remake than in the original. 

The Witcher 3 Remake Trailer 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Remake has an official trailer. 

Check official Trailer:

It features improved graphics and a small glimpse of the gameplay with Geralt trying to find Ciri. We see him going through a snowstorm, battling enemies, and running around on his horse, trying to find Ciri.

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