What is Company of Heroes 3 Beta Release Date?

What is Company of Heroes 3 Beta Release Date?

Company of Heroes 3 came out with a beta version that revealed some exciting new insights into the game! 

Company of Heroes 3 is an upcoming action game that is a part of the original franchise that began in 2006. It combines battlefield strategy with flanking maneuvers, epic battles, and flanking maneuvers as the heroes fight their way to victory in the Second World War. 

Players have been waiting for the release of this thrilling new Company of Heroes game for quite some time. Fortunately, their wait is almost over, as we have the game’s official release date! Below, you can find all the details, including the game’s beta version and release date. 

Company Of Heroes 3 Release Date 

Company of Heroes 3 will debut on February 23, 2023, exclusively on PC. It is currently also available for pre-order on Steam! 

The game released its beta two months ago, officially closing on July 17, 2022. It was a massive hit amongst fans who couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

Company Of Heroes 3 Release Date 
Company Of Heroes 3 Release Date

Company of Heroes 3 had an initial release date of November 17, 2022. However, Relic Entertainment delayed it as it needed more time to work on its overall “improvement, balancing, and the fine-tuning of CoH3.” This extra time ensures that the company will meet all our expectations and deliver the best tactical experience in the Company of Heroes game series. 

This upcoming game is developed using the Essence Engine 5.0. This engine was also used for the development of Age of Empires IV. Thus, we have incredibly high hopes for the game, graphics, and gameplay. 

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Company of Heroes 3 Campaigns

Company of Heroes will allow players to play on World War II’s Italian and North African fronts. 

The Italian Campaign will feature a vast strategy map, allowing players to decide which area they want to explore next. It will also include exciting side missions to help them recruit more territory for the allied powers. 

Company of Heroes 3 Campaigns
Company of Heroes 3 Campaigns

Remember that the more territory you have, the more resources you’ll have. 

On the other hand, the North African Campaign will feature players leading armies successfully on one map after the other. 

Currently, we know of three confirmed forces under players’ control; the UK, the US, and German, 

Players can simultaneously control US and UK forces in the Allied Campaign mode. This increases the complexity of the gameplay and makes things even more exciting! 

Apart from these playable factions, players will also interact with the partisans you will liberate on the campaign map. Then, you can control them and use them to create traps on the campaign map. 

The campaign map gives players a lot of control over managing their armies. They can either send air units to look for enemy territories or use engineers to remove booby traps and attack enemies using artillery. 

If you have more power than the enemy, your army and you can eradicate them before entering the RTS battle. 

Company of Heroes 3 RTS Gameplay

Company of Heroes 3 is expected to have spectacular gameplay as Relic Entertainment swears that it is the biggest and best game in the franchise up till now. 

During the RTS battles, players will experience epic battles on the maps. Moreover, the developers have added a new tactical pause system. This will pause the action. However, players will still be able to give orders to their units.

Moreover, players can pause the game and understand the chaos unraveling on the battlefield anytime! 

The upcoming game also includes intense destruction, as tanks can roll over anything and everything that’s small enough to be trampled underneath it. 

The game will also include fantastic lighting and sound systems to sell the thrilling destruction even more.

Is there a Trailer? 

Company of Heroes 3 has an official cinematic announcement trailer. It features a slow horn drone in the background as Allied soldiers race on the beach and paratroopers fall from the sky. The trailer sets the tone for the upcoming game with its mysterious music full of explosions, horns blasting, and tension. We also see our heroes emerge from the wreckage and hurry to begin their next mission. 

Furthermore, there is also a second trailer. It begins with parachutes as action-adventure strings play in the background. It gives us a small glimpse of all the action coming our way in the upcoming Company of Heroes game. 

Both trailers are available for viewing on the game’s official YouTube page.

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