What are play-to-earn games?

There are many scams and time-wasting play-to-earn games online. So, which ones are authentic? What is Play To Earn games? Are they even relevant? 

Remember the last time your hyper-productive friend told you that your video games are nothing but a waste of time, and you low-key accepted what your friend told you? It’s high time you should give Play To Earn games a shot because they are the future. 

What is Play To Earn games? 

Players who pay to play and put hours to unlock superpowers and prizes but get nothing, in the end, are traditional game players. Players who can get the full value back are Play To Earn gamers. You can get crypto tokens, NFTs, virtual lands, avatars, and weapons by completing tasks and unlocking new levels. You can buy and transfer in-game assets outside the gaming world. 

What is Play To Earn games? 
What is Play To Earn games?

Play To Earn games have become much more popular since the internet got to know that Ethereum, the second most famous cryptocurrency, was inspired by a WoW player. 

Are Play To Earn games even relevant? 

You may think Play To Earn is a relatively new idea—no, it is not. It roots back in the 1980s when it set the stage for immersive Play To Earn gameplay. In the 1990s, games like Meridian 59, World of Warcraft, and EverQuest brought MUDs graphics. These games allowed players to trade in-game assets to acquire real wealth. 

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Virtual economies were brought to light due to the forerunners of the gaming genre. Later, virtual resources such as gold, raw material, and goods were bartered, sold, and rented to run the virtual economy. There is no doubt that the virtual economy phenomenon was complex, but it is still not an advanced form of entertainment. It’s just another way to monetize gameplay activity. In fact, this model has the money-making potential that has earned many people great incentives. 

Are Play To Earn games even relevant?
Are Play To Earn games even relevant?

Not everyone puts the hours into Play To Earn games, but so many people do. There are many fun games to try your luck. Crypto games are still in their infancy, but they are worth playing. 

Authentic Play To Earn games

Gods Unchained

It is a great and free trading game. You can start your crypto journey with this game. It is a game where players compete in duels using fantasy cars. You own your in-game assets, such as rare cards and your deck. You can collect cars and sell them to any other game player. 

Sidus Heroes 

It is a futuristic game based on crypto and Blockchain philosophy which will change your perception of the metaverse. It is the biggest collaboration in the NFT space. It is a multiplayer game in an open and huge universe. You can build spaceships and embark on intergalactic missions in this game. You can earn some money and build companionship with one animal of your choice to help you in your adventures. Playing Sidus Heroes is an immersive experience, and many gamers love it. 

Crypto Royal

It is the fastest Play To Earn game ever. Crypto Royal lasts 30 seconds, and you can easily withdraw your ROY token within seconds. It is a no-sign-up game where the last one alive wins. The best part is you can play this game with basic controls, i.e. your mouse controls. You can even practice against bots and win. All you have to do is to remember the colours and earn dollars.

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