Star Trek Resurgence May 23rd Release Date Revealed

Star Trek Resurgence May 23rd Release Date Revealed

Several fan-favourite franchises announced the release of new video games during the 2021 Games Award. But one game, in particular, caught the attention of millions of people, Star Trek Resurgence. Dramatic Labs develop this interactive game, and the player’s narrative drives it as they make tough decisions and alter the course of the game. 

It takes place after the iconic events in Star Trek: The Next Generation but before the events of Star Trek: Picard. The Star Trek franchise has many timelines; you need to keep track of them to know what will happen in the upcoming game! The new game will feature several new characters that haven’t debuted in the franchise. However, it will also include iconic characters like Spock! 

Star Trek Resurgence is expected to be the franchise’s most advanced and smooth game. It uses the spectacular Unreal 5 engine. So, it should eliminate the jankiness and lags associated with a few of its predecessors. But when is this exciting new game coming out? The producers have confirmed its release date, and you can find all the details below! 

Star Trek Resurgence Release Date

The game developer, Dramatic Labs, has confirmed that Star Trek Resurgence will debut on May 23. It was initially supposed to release in the spring of 2022. However, due to some delays, the release date was pushed back. But all’s well that ends well! This spectacular upcoming game will come out in a few weeks, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Star Trek Resurgence May 23rd Release Date Revealed
Star Trek Resurgence May 23rd Release Date Revealed

Star Trek Resurgence will release on the most popular consoles, including new and old generation ones. It will launch on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC via Epic Games store. Gamers using various platforms will be able to enjoy the game! However, the game won’t debut on Nintendo Switch at the moment. So, Switch players will have to sit this one out! But we hope the developers will release a port later and make all their eager fans happy. 

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Star Trek Resurgence Story and Gameplay 

The story takes place immediately after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is set in 2380 and follows Carter Diaz and Jara Rydek. They are on an important mission to save two alien civilizations from going to war by unravelling a sinister mystery. It is a narrative adventure game with many dialogue choices, exploration, and relationship building. 

Moreover, the plot will feature branching storylines that depend on players’ decisions during the playthrough. The game is open-ended, much like the other titles produced by Telltale Games, as 20 of the Dramatic Labs employees previously worked at Telltale! So, Star Trek: Resurgence will have a few elements of iconic Telltale games. 

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Dramatic Labs has kept all other details regarding the upcoming game to themselves as they want to create an air of mystery around the game! However, we will update you as soon as they reveal any information.


The producers revealed the Star Trek Resurgence trailer on December 9 during the 2021 Games Awards. It features the Crewperson Carter Diaz of the USS Resolute, an extremely ambitious character exploring the universe. It also introduces us to First Officer Jara Rydek. She is a member of the Resolute with a high rank who aims to become the captain of her ship one day. 

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Moreover, we also get glimpses of the story and gameplay mechanics. It also reveals sneak peeks of the game’s most important, Captain Spock himself! 

You can watch the game’s official trailer on YouTube for free! 

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