The Space-themed Survival Horror Game ‘Rotten Flesh’ Debuts in January on Steam

Rotten Flesh is a blessing for horror genre fans, and it will be available on STEAM soon. Steelkrill Studio, the producer, announced the release date of their upcoming cosmic horror game, Rotten Flesh. It was short yet compelling, containing all the basic information about the game. Let’s jump into the details.

Rotten Flesh Release Date

Steelkrill Studio announced that Rotten Flesh will be available on Steam on January 21, 2024. It is a spooky game for people who welcome jump scares like their dear old friend.

What Is Rotten Flesh About?

Rotten Flesh is an interactive horror game where players search for their lost dog. The horror genre elevates the game experience from listening and playing to participating. The players call out for their dog via a microphone to play the game. Roy is the dog’s name, and he barks back when the player calls out. And if the dog is near the player, he will bark back at you. However, Roy is one of many creatures who listen to the players. There are other creatures in the tunnels as well who hear and respond to the player’s screams.

Rotten Flesh
The Space-themed Survival Horror Game ‘Rotten Flesh’ Debuts in January on Steam

Moreover, Steelkrill Studio makes sure everyone can take part in Rotten Flesh. So, another option exists for those who cannot use the microphone for whatever reason. A switch can be made to voice-acting mode, rendering the microphone input optional. Steelkrill Studio, however, has asked players to use microphones to enhance the experience while playing the cosmic horror game.

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Rotten Flesh Features

Rotten Flesh is an immersive game with plentiful features. We managed to collect some parts of the game from different sources. Let’s discuss them.

Incredible Background Score

When the game begins with an intense background score, it immediately sets the player in trepidation. The game is not for a timid audience, as it is disclosed in various places. It is for horror genre fans who can maneuver into the abysmal and dark sewers containing screams, jump scares, and notorious cosmic creatures. The impressive background score is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the trailer is getting appreciation.

Solve puzzles to find Roy

This cosmic horror game has several mysteries to uncover, clues to find, and puzzles to solve. These puzzles and riddles take the players to their objectives. As players proceed in the tunnel, the horror intensifies. Also, players can find weapons sprawling in the dark alley.

Inventory Management

As players progress in the game, all the collectibles they have garnered throughout their journey can be found in the inventory. Players can access health supplies, upgrades, and other valuable items in this inventory management section.

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Trailer for the Upcoming Game

A recent trailer features the enclosed tunnel in which the venture begins. Headless bodies and strange creatures are scattered throughout the sewer, enough to give players an attack of collywobbles. If the player can harness the sounds and use them to move across the tunnels, it will be easier to find the dog.

The trailer also reminded many fans of Amnesia because of its pace and style. The microphone part also resembles the Amnesia game mechanics. In that game, people were forced to remain silent. Rotten Flesh cleverly flips the mechanics and encourages players to call out for their dog. It gets difficult as the horrible creatures can pick up the sound and react to it.

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