Nintendo Switch 2 leaks Release Date, Games Line-up, Price and Specs

The excitement builds for Nintendo’s highly anticipated successor to the beloved Switch console. Recent Nintendo Switch 2 leaks and reports offer glimpses into what gamers can expect from the next generation of Nintendo hardware. This article delves into the latest revelations, exploring the implications for Nintendo’s future and the game line-up for the new console.

Release Date According to Nintendo Switch Leaks

Following years of speculation, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed the imminent unveiling of the successor to the Nintendo Switch, often referred to as “Switch 2” within the Nintendo community, later this year. Several leaks and Furukawa said that Nintendo Switch 2 will come out sometime before March 2025. Thus continuing the console legacy.

The Japanese Nintendo company backed this statement by announcing on X:

“It will have been over nine years since we announced the existence of Nintendo Switch back in March 2015.”


Although it did say that the upcoming Nintendo Direct event this year would not be discussed, fans rely on the Nintendo Switch 2 leaks to get any news on the console.

This announcement sparked widespread interest in the potential games being developed for it.

Games Line-Up

According to the Nintendo Switch leaks, several games are lined up and are being tested on the demo version. These include games with DLCs such as Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Metroid, and more. Additionally, Sega is collaborating with Universo Nintendo to put out more games for the next console.

A recent leak indicates that Nintendo’s upcoming console has already approved Pokémon projects in the pipeline.

According to reports from CentroLeaks on X, three Pokémon titles are currently being developed for the Nintendo Switch 2. However, CentroLeaks did not specify which ones. One title that has already been announced and is known to be in development is Pokémon Legends Z-A, which was unveiled in February and is slated for release in 2025.

Specs According to the Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks

Features of the upcoming console are purely based on the Nintendo Switch 2 leaks. Hence, only time will tell what the console has. For now, this is what is rumored:

  • Backward screen compatibility
  • Larger screen with 1080 resolution
  • Supports all existing Joy-Con and Pro controllers, including Mobapad’s products
  • Smaller Joy-Cons that work with magnetic docking system

One of the giant Nintendo Switch 2 leaks about the magnetic strips for Joy-Cons comes from the Spanish website Vandal. Thus, new Pro Controllers are required for the rumored next-gen console.

Eurogamer’s latest report reveals that select Nintendo partners had the exclusive opportunity to witness a demonstration of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on the new console, which boasts “beefier target specs.” Additionally, some key partners now possess development kits for the upcoming console.

Nintendo Switch 2 leaks
Nintendo Switch 2 leaks

Further details from a Nate the Hate podcast, as highlighted by Nintendo Life, provided insights into the Breath of the Wild tech demo’s performance. It reportedly showcased the game running at an impressive 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, with load times effectively eliminated. Speculation suggests this could indicate the integration of SSD technology in the new Nintendo console.

Moreover, the podcast suggested that the tech demo, illustrating the targeted system specifications of the Switch 2, demonstrated the capability to run The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 demo at a performance level comparable to that of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Additionally, it’s been mentioned that the console will utilize DLSS 3.5 technology, potentially balancing cost-effectiveness and high performance in the next-generation Nintendo machine. With these developments in mind, it appears that the reveal of the Switch 2 might be just around the corner.

In conclusion, since the Nintendo Director is unwilling to discuss the upcoming console, we can only trust the Nintendo Switch 2 leaks—even if they are not 100 percent accurate. Check this space for new updates on the much-anticipated console.

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