Minecraft 1.20 Update Details Revealed All New Features

Minecraft 1.20 Update Details Revealed All New Features

Minecraft Live 2022 has revealed new mobs, blocks and other features coming in Minecraft 1.20. 

Minecraft is known for its spectacular updates that introduce new features and keep the game exciting and fun. The latest update, version 1.20, will include new mobs, skins, items, blocks and much more! While we do not know a lot of details, the game developers have teased fans with a few upcoming additions and here’s everything you need to know about it. 

Minecraft 1.20 New Additions

While a lot of the updates in Minecraft 1.20 remain a mystery, Minecraft has confirmed a few. They are mentioned down below. 

Minecraft 1.20 New Biomes

Th live 2022 did not reveal any new biomes. None of the trailers have hinted at biomes getting significant updates. 

In the past, Minecraft has teased fans with promises of revamped biomes that haven’t arrived till now. However, we hope that version 1.20 is the update in which they finally fulfill their promise and revamp a couple of biomes, including the desert ones.

Minecraft 1.20 New Additions
Minecraft 1.20 New Additions

A New Camel Mob 

Minecraft has confirmed a new camel mob for update 1.20! This passive mob will be a part of the desert biome. 

Two people can ride a camel together and can even use it to cross rivers easily! 

Desert biomes in Minecraft typically look very barren as they lack exciting mobs. Now, with the introduction of camels, we’re hoping they look more lively and fun. 

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New Blocks And Skins

One of the major stars of Minecraft 1.20 is bamboo. A set of new bamboo blocks will arrive in the upcoming update.

As a new type of woodblock, players can use bamboo to make creative bamboo mosaic blocks and craft rafts. They can also craft a chiselled bookshelf using them and store books in a uniquely aesthetic way! These bookshelves can interact with Redstone components and send out Redstone signals to make hidden doorways! 

Minecraft has also included seven new character skins! Minecraft will reveal them in the upcoming trailers and teasers. 

The new skins will increase the representation of different ethnicities. Instead of spending hours trying to create their own skins, players will now have more default options they can identify with. 

Hanging Signs 

Signs no longer have to be put on the ground! You can place them on the side of the blocks and their bottoms to hang them! 

Result of Minecraft Live Mob 2022

Minecraft allowed players to choose between three mobs; the Rascal, Tuff Golem, and the Sniffer. 

The Rascal hides underground and loves hide and seek. Players who successfully track it get enchanted items. 

Tuff Golem is a passive mob that can walk and carry players’ items around. 

The Sniffer is an extinct mob that you can bring back to life through its eggs which are found in underwater ruins.

Most players voted for bringing The Sniffer in the new update. Thus, this passive mob will be a part of the upcoming version 1.20. 

The Sniffer will help sniff out the seeds of unique Overworld plants. Now, players can use them to find new seeds and create new types of farms. 

When Is Minecraft 1.20 Coming Out? 

The Minecraft Live 2022 confirmed that update 1.20 won’t come out till 2023. Thus, the earliest possible release date for it is January 2023. 

In the coming days, we will likely get more news regarding additional features in update 1.20. So stay tuned to find out the latest information about it!

When Is Minecraft 1.20 Coming Out? 
When Is Minecraft 1.20 Coming Out?

The Name Of Minecraft 1.20

Each Minecraft update gets a unique name. It is based on the new features it adds to the game. 

Developer Mojang has not revealed the name of update 1.20 as of yet. However, since it will probably include several desert-related features, we assume the title will have something to do with deserts, like Minecraft 1.20 Desert Update. 

We’re still waiting to hear the confirmed version name from Minecraft as of yet.

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