Lifeless Moon will be getting released on PC first this August 2023

Stage 2 Studios development, Lifeless Moon, is a 3-dimensional action-adventure game. The developers have recently issued a release date for their blockbuster game, claiming to launch the PC version this August. But before diving into the game directly, you must have the know-how of the game you will play or add to your wishlist. Therefore, this article will explore the release date, gameplay, and all the other essentials that the fans desire to learn about the Lifeless Moon game.

When will Lifeless Moon release on PC?

Lifeless Moon will release on 10th August 2023. Yet, as per the studio, this game will first launch on PC through Steam. The release of this game for other consoles isn’t planned yet, but we can assume it to be in 2024, according to the hints provided by the developers. You can also glimpse through the trailer of the most anticipated game Lifeless Moon as its launch for PC is just around the corner. 

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Lifeless Moon: Enthralling Story

The successor to the puzzle-based Lifeless Planet game launched in 2014, Lifeless Moon takes the players to space as the two astronauts fly to the moon for an Apollo-era mission to explore it. It follows the place, an experimental consequence of 19th-century research experiments. Players will follow these two astronauts’ footsteps as they embark on an action-adventure to explore and solve mysteries, leading to the truth and survival.

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Lifeless Moon will be getting released on PC first this August 2023
Lifeless Moon will be getting released on PC first this August 2023

Lifeless Moon: Fascinating Gameplay

Besides exploring and platforming, puzzles are also a part of this game to test your problem-solving skills as you get on an adventure that you haven’t experienced before. Lifeless Moon revolves around psychological and spiritual themes powered by creative powers. Lifeless Moon has a VR-supporting feature, but the players can also play the game without the headset.

As mentioned above, the Lifeless Moon game takes the players on an adventurous journey to untangle the secret mysteries the desolate Moon holds and get to the truth. The players must employ the jetpack they will get and the fight-and-flight response to survive there.

Together with this, you will have to use your wit and perseverance to solve the mysteries. It implies you have to gather clues and record your steps as you unravel the secrecy on the moon. We also recommend keeping notes of all the stories you come across because it will aid you in solving the mysteries surrounding the lunar city. The players will also use technology to find the secrets at the grander level. It is a plus point as it will aid you to get the answers more quickly and survive through them. 

Note that, with the Lifeless Moon, you can live in a desolate city without track of time and material objects. Adding more, you get to read the past and become familiar with the historical traumas, helping you to solve the mystery as it is the only solution to pass the maze and return home. 

So, this most anticipated indie game has got a release date of 10th August for PC and a release year of 2024 for other gaming consoles. It’s still a long wait, but you can watch the trailer to satisfy yourself till the game’s release somewhat. It is all we know about the Lifeless Moon game’s possible departure, ready to roll over. Yet, this Lifeless Moon title aims to offer the players a 3D platform woven into the classic sci-fi storyline. 

So, are you ready to get into this adventurous journey? We assume you are because this indie game Lifeless Moon deserves it. Follow our website for more updates and information about the game.

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