How to Play Saints Row 2022 multiplayer With Friends?

How to Play Saints Row 2022 multiplayer With Friends?

At one point, it was the main, or rather, the only competitor to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto. However, the Saints Row series quickly fell out of favour after the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Fortunately for loyal fans. The series has made a long-awaited comeback in the form of Saints Row 2022.

Saints Row (2022) is an open-world, action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It is the fifth main entry in the series and serves as a reboot of the entire series. Not counting the 2015 DLC for Saints Row IV, its release comes almost a decade after the release of Saints Row IV in 2013.

Saints Row 2022: Release, platforms, and additional content

Saints Row was released on 23 August 2022. The original release date was 25 February 2022, but it was delayed. It is available on PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. It is also available on Google Stadia.

Saints Row 2022: Release, platforms, and additional content
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On Microsoft Windows, the game is not available on Steam. It is an Epic Games Store exclusive. The system requirements for Windows are also relatively low. Anyone with a mid-tier or even a budget build can run the game at a decent framerate. The developers have confirmed the release of an expansion pack that will include three separate DLCs.

The story, gameplay mechanics, and visuals 

Saints Row is set in a city called Santo Ileso, which draws heavily from the actual city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The city is divided into nine separate districts controlled by three local gangs. The player will work to take over all of these districts. Many other games, like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, have also implemented this formula. It’s a tried and tested method and keeps things interesting.

The player creates their own character using the character customization system in the game. The main character is known simply as ‘The Boss.’ Basically, you create your own gang and recruit members to take over the whole city. The graphics look good despite being kind of cartoonish. The developers have made great use of lights and shadows that give the scenery a super-saturated look.

When is GTA 6 coming out?

Improvements include an overhauling of the driving mechanics. This enables players to use vehicles, in addition to weapons, to cause mayhem. Another change is much more significant. The overall tone of the game has been shifted to a more serious side. The comic aspects that are a significant characteristic of the series are still there, though.

One of the leading reasons for this reboot is to water down the wacky tone of previous games, mainly Saints Row: The Third. This does make the game feel like it takes itself more seriously. However, some fans have criticized it as it deviates from the frivolous nature of the first two entries of the series.

Multiplayer: How to play, and is it any good?

One of the main selling points of Saints Row is the multiplayer mode. Thanks to its online multiplayer, GTA V is still a cash cow for developer Rockstar Games. Obviously, Saints Row IV wants to join the club. Here’s how you can wreak havoc in the game with your friends:

  1. To play in co-op mode, both players should have completed the Making Rent tutorial.
  2. After that, select, Co-op campaign from the main menu and select Host Game
  3. Once you’re in the game, invite your friend.

Currently, the game has many bugs that can make playing co-op all but a nightmare. Players have reported issues that the game gets stuck on the ‘waiting for host’ screen when joining.

Player and critic reviews on Saints Row 2022 

Saints Row has received conflicting reviews. The main criticism comes from players who think that the game has deviated too far from its core spirit. The behaviour of developers towards the suggestions of fans has also been highlighted. People feel like the developers did the exact opposite of what fans wanted.

Player and critic reviews on Saints Row 2022 
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The fact that the game is an Epic Games Store exclusive has also come under fire. Mostly from players who have a somewhat unfounded hatred of anything related to Epic. While it is a minor inconvenience, fans say it will only worsen in the future. With players having to manage at least four or five launchers right now, their concerns are not misplaced.

The game being full to the brim with bugs also doesn’t exactly help its case. A day-one patch was released, but it didn’t address many issues.


Saints Row can still be a great game if the developers take the time to fix it. Patches are required that iron out all the bugs and make the experience more user-friendly. This was all for today; thank you for reading!

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