GTA 6’s Release Date Countdown Begins

Finally, GTA 6 has started taking a definite form. Yes, you read it right! In other words, GTA 6 is gearing up for its highly anticipated debut, as evident from the trailer’s attention. Let’s talk more about its release date and other aspects.

GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6 will make its grand debut in the autumn of 2025. There’s still a long way to go. Nevertheless, the overflow of information is keeping the fans going.

The game will launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. There’s no information regarding whether GTA 6 will debut on PC and PS5 Pro. However, after their successful console journeys, Rockstar’s previous projects, like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, were also released on PC. It is hard to say if GTA 6 will follow the same path.

GTA 6 Game update

Rockstar is notorious for taking time to perfect their games before release. However, the wait for the sixth installment has been prolonged too long. GTA 5 came out more than a decade ago. 

Regardless of its overdue announcement, one thing is certain: when the game releases, it is bound to break records set by its predecessors. Take Two Interactive revealed in a meeting that its audience grew by 35% last year!

The parent company also commented that every new game needs a new element that makes the latest release stand out from its predecessor. So, this need for perfection can be the driving force behind the delay. 

But despite all this, we’ll have to wait a bit longer until the studio finally confirms the official release date. Until then, read more about it! 

GTA 6 Story

Innumerable leaks have already given fans a glimpse of the game. But many of these were just rumors, and some were even confirmed true by the company itself. 

One of the most successful leaks involved hacking into the system and releasing 90 videos and screenshots, which reflected the game’s early development. Rockstar acknowledged this incident and declared that the game’s privacy had been compromised. 

Discussion for the game’s maps is quite descriptive. To put it simply, as a player, three counties will be within your reach. These include the Kelly County, the towns of Leonard, and the Vice Dale! 

The upcoming game will be set in Vice City, which many are already familiar with. The trailer introduced the city well and how it has stood the test of time. Of course, new elements have also been introduced. For example, the game entails its version of ‘livestreams’ and ‘TikToks.’ 

The inclusion of the first female character in the game was a pivotal point in its history. Ex-convict Lucia and her partner Jason will lead GTA 6. 

GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6’s trailer was leaked online a day before its official release, so the makers had to rush things. But despite the leak, the trailer went on to break YouTube records! It successfully gauged the attention of both the original fanbase and new fans. So, it is safe to say that GTA’s sixth installment has a smooth path ahead of it.

The footage showed that the makers were inspired by the original Bonnie and Clyde storyline, which prompted them to shape the dynamics of Jason and Lucia. Watch the trailer here:

Well, that was everything that you needed to know about GTA 6! For more such information, remember to bookmark this page! 

Umama Siddiqui
Umama Siddiqui
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