Are Gold Pokemon Cards Real?

Presently, there’s a boost in the market concerning the legality of Gold Pokemon Cards that the Pokemon Company released to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Several people are concerned if the Pokemon Cards are real or fake based on multiple rumours and leaks. About this, it’s time to solve this mystery and get the answers to the most asked question Are these cards real or Fake? For this, this article will explore the card’s releases, history, and the possible differences that differentiate Gold Pokemon Cards from their equivalents. 

Let’s get started. 

Gold Pokemon Cards: Official Release 

The Pokemon Company has offered only two Gold Pokemon Cards in the franchise’s existence, officially naming them authentic Gold cards. These two cards are Charizard and Pikachu. So, all the other cards that appear in the market are fake. Notably, its rare number and production have even provoked people to get a premium subscription for the Gold Cards. Therefore, the validity and authenticity of the Pokemon Cards are crucial to ensure before you get your hands on one. Yet, you can safely assume all the cards other than Pikachu and Charizard are fake. 

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How to Check if the Gold Pokemon Cards are real? 

Following are the two hints that you can look for when purchasing Gold Cards to differentiate the Real cards from the fake ones: 

  1. Design 

Real Gold Pokemon Cards incorporate infrequent characters and complex designs with holofoil effects to give a holographic impression. The cards may have images or feature reoccurring characters. 

  • Copyright Symbol 

The Copyright Symbol on the Real Gold Pokemon Cards has a specific position in the card’s bottom right corner, making a logo that confirms the card’s authenticity. 

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Are Gold Pokemon Cards Real?
Are Gold Pokemon Cards Real?

Burger King Gold Pokemon Cards 

A few times back, Burger King issued metal Gold Pokemon Cards as a surprise in the kids happy meal. Yet, those were not the original cards, only metal in the form of a card that no one could use in the game. Be aware of these, too, if you want original Golden Pokemon Cards, as there are many.

Where can you get Real Gold Pokemon Cards? 

If you look forward to getting the cards, you can purchase the Real Gold Pokemon Cards from Amazon, a reliable retailer. The plus point is you can also avail of booster box deals while purchasing Real Gold Pokemon Cards. Yet, if you want to buy from other retailers, ensure that you have read the customer reviews, and product descriptions, analyzed product pictures, compared the prices, and assured providers’ credibility. We can also recommend some stores that we believe are authentic, like eBay (the famous online market), Card Trading Sites, and local stores (game stores or card shops trading cards). Amazon still tops the list in its authenticity and legitimacy. 

However, many retailers also offer fake Pokemon Cards by printing them on card papers or gold plating them to give the forgeries a real-looking look. Yet, you can quickly identify the difference between real and fake Gold Pokemon Cards by examining the cards’ design, finishing, printing, and copyright symbol. If it’s similar as described here, it’s real. If otherwise, you know what to do.

To Summarise, due to the rarity, only a few traders have real Golden Pokemon Cards. So, be attentive and focused while getting your card to save yourself from forgeries and loss. Collecting Gold Pokemon Cards is the favourite activity among gaming fans and card collectors. For them, being attentive is crucial. 

It is all we know about the Gold Pokemon Cards. I am hoping that you have got the answers to all your questions. Stay tuned for more updates.

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