Far Cry 7 Release Date, Story Details, Leaks and Rumors

Rumors are that Ubisoft will release Far Cry 7 next year. It also received other leaks and rumors that revealed exciting information about the game. Far Cry is one of the most famous franchises in Ubisoft. Meanwhile, Far Cry 7 will be the seventh game in the gaming series. Yet, there isn’t any official information available on Far Cry 7. This article will explore the information extracted from several rumors and leaks.

Far Cry 7: Is There a Leaked Release Window?

As per the leak by Insider Gaming, Far Cry 7 will be released sometime in 2025. In last year’s report, Insider Gaming announced that two Far Cry games were in development: Far Cry 7 and an untitled multiplayer title. According to the leaks, Montreal will release this game, switching to Snowdrop from the Dunia engine.

Far Cry 7 Release Date, Story Details, Leaks and Rumors
Far Cry 7 Release Date, Story Details, Leaks and Rumors

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Rumored Gameplay and Plot

Rumors say that Far Cry 7 will have an in-game timer or a 72-hour time limit. Players will save their family members from a vicious group, the Sons of Truth, within this time limit. Besides rescuing, another goal of Far Cry 7 is to eliminate the whole group of Sons of Truth. This time limit will make the gameplay intense. However, the enemies can also kill the players, which will change the whole storyline. So, be attentive while gaming.

Yet, the information regarding the time period feature has caught the fans off guard. This is because players who have always played flexibly will have a new experience. The Far Cry series has always allowed the players to play at their own pace. This time, players are bound by a time limit.

The upcoming game has a non-linear story. For instance, the players will find their family members by gathering specific information. However, the enemy can misguide or give the player the wrong information. The players will complete the game when they succeed in rescuing all their family members.

Far Cry 7 Release Date, Story Details, Leaks and Rumors
Far Cry 7 Release Date, Story Details, Leaks and Rumors

The reports also say that the Far Cry series will offer a multiplayer experience to its fans through Far Cry 7. The rumors say the seventh chapter will take the name Far Cry: Rise. Through leaks, we have also learned that this game is set on the Kimsan tropical or fictitious islands.

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Is There a Trailer for Far Cry 7?

There isn’t even an official trailer for Far Cry 7. All the information mentioned above is merely speculation that we received from different sources. Ubisoft hasn’t officially revealed anything regarding this installment.

To conclude, the rumors say the seventh installment by Ubisoft will be released next year. However, we suggest you look at such news with a grain of salt. Notably, Insider Gaming’s leaks about the gaming industry are reliable and verified, as their history proves. However, it is better to wait until the official information rolls out. 

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