Destiny 2 This Item Is Not Currently Available

Destiny 2 This Item Is Not Currently Available

With Destiny 2’s new collaboration with Fortnite and “The Season of Plunder” being released, many players are having fun with the new content. As is the case with all online games, Destiny 2 is not prone to errors. And It seems that with this new update, some players are experiencing a glitch that stops them from enjoying the game fully.

What is the Error?

Some players have encountered an error while trying to use different items in the game. The error reads:

“This Item is Not Currently Available”

This prevents them from using the items they want to. So how do we fix the error?

Destiny 2 This Item Is Not Currently Available – What Causes the Error?

Many things can be the reason for this error. According to Bungie, this may happen when the developers have intentionally disabled the item for use in-game. This can also happen if the game license of the user is having issues. However, sometimes the players are also having issues with items not officially announced as ‘disabled’ by Bungie.

Destiny 2 This Item Is Not Currently Available - What Causes the Error?
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How to Fix the Error?

There can be many reasons for this error and hence many different fixes. We will discuss all of them in detail here.

Restarting the Game

This may seem obvious, but players often ignore the importance of restarting the game and then start finding other fixes. It is possible that some files were unable to launch properly, which is the reason for your error. Therefore, before trying anything else, you should try a simple restart to see if it resolves the glitch.

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Checking for Updates

Another way of fixing the error is checking for any new updates Bungie may have released. Perhaps, the error you are getting is because of the old version of the game, or Bungie may have released a new patch that fixes this error, and you have not downloaded it.

If restarting and updating the game did not fix your issue, don’t worry. There are three more ways to fix this problem.

Checking Game License

As we explained earlier, this error might occur because of game license issues. First, you should check whether or not you have the game license for the expansion pack you are trying to access the item from. If you do not have the expansion pack you’re looking for, you need to buy it.

If you have the expansion pack and are still getting the error, try restoring your game license. Also, while you are there, check if you have downloaded all the expansion packs you need, as there are plenty, and one can easily lose track of them.

Reinstalling the Game

If none of the ways above have worked for you, you might want to reinstall the game from scratch. A plain reinstall will confirm that it is not any corrupt files that are causing the issue.

To reinstall the game, simply go to your dedicated launcher, Epic Games Launcher, and uninstall the game by navigating through the game settings. After uninstalling, just install the game again and ensure you download all the expansion packs you need. This may take a long time, depending on your internet speed, but it will remove any corrupt files.

Verifying if the Item is Disabled

If you have tried everything listed above, it suggests that the issue certainly is not from your side. This probably means that Bungie has deliberately disabled the item you are attempting to use. It could have been disabled because of someone using it to get an unfair advantage inside the game, or the item may have a glitch that players were abusing.

To verify if the item is disabled or not, simply go to any of Bungie’s official social media handles, such as Twitter, and see whether they have officially announced anything regarding the item is disabled. If it is disabled, you will need to wait before they enable it again.

Destiny 2 This Item is Not Currently Available –  Conclusion

The error Destiny 2 This Item is Not Currently Available. Suggests that either Bungie has disabled the item or it is an issue from your side, such as some corrupt files. If nothing has worked for you, you should make a thread on Bungie’s official forum and describe your issue. This way, other people who have encountered the same problem will help you.

Destiny 2 This Item is Not Currently Available -  Conclusion
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In this article, we discussed everything related to this error. Questions like what this error is and what causes it was answered. We also discussed all the fixes so that nobody gets interrupted while enjoying their favourite game. I hope you were able to fix the error. Thank you for reading.

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