Blood Bowl 3 Release Date Announced

Blood Bowl 3 Release Date Announced

Blood Bowl 3 has an official release date, as confirmed by Publisher Nacon! The game is a sequel to the 2015 Blood Bowl 2. 

Nacon recently released a trailer setting the release date of Blood Bowl 3 in 2023! The highly anticipated game features American Football with a twist! Along with managing your team and scoring touchdowns, you will also have the power to injure and kill opponent players! Featuring jaw-dropping plot twists and thrilling gameplay, Blood Bowl 3 is sure to live up to fans’ expectations. If you want to learn more about the game, its release date, and key features, then keep reading! We’ve covered everything below. 

Blood Bowl 3 Release Date

Blood Bowl 3 will come out on February 23, 2023, for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. However, it won’t launch on Nintendo Switch on the same date! It may debut on this platform a few weeks or even months later! Although the reason behind this isn’t confirmed, the game developers are likely unable to optimize it for Nintendo’s platform perfectly. 

Initially, Blood Bowl 3 was expected to come out in August 2021. However, the date was pushed back to February 2022, a few months before the game’s release. The developers also released a closed beta for its release from 3rd to 13th June 2021.

Blood Bowl 3 Release Date
Blood Bowl 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, the February 2022 release date was pushed back due to Covid. Although the game was expected to come out in late 2022, it wasn’t ready in time. Thus, the producers have now confirmed its release in February 2023. 

Super Bowl 3 Gameplay 

The Warhammer-infused fantasy football game will be full of action and brutal gameplay! It features 12 playable races; 

  • Black Orcs
  • Chaos Renegades 
  • Chaos Chosen
  • Dark Elf
  • Dwarfs
  • Humans 
  • Elven Union
  • Imperial Nobility
  • Skaven 
  • Nurgle
  • Orcs
  • Old World Alliance 

The game will follow the same basic concept as American football. You must get the ball to the end zone of your opponents to score a touchdown. However, it features one main difference! While traditional games don’t allow you to hurt your enemies, this game gives you full power and control! You can injure, maim or even kill them. Moreover, to make things even more exciting, the pitches in the game have life-threatening hazards! 

In Blood Bowl 3, you will be the coach of your team. It will be your responsibility to build your team. After creating your team, you must manage and upgrade it off the field! Furthermore, you must also control all the players in turn-based matches through orders; mark an opponent, grab the ball, punch an enemy, and much more! 

What is the March of the Lich King Release Date?

The game will include a variety of pitches with different gameplay rules, dedicated passing statistics, multiple cheerleaders, and competitive Star Players! 

Is there a Trailer? 

Nacon released a release date trailer for Blood Bowl 3. It features an intense match with lots of spikes, scary players, and, of course, fighting! 

Check official Trailer:

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