EA is Making Black Panther Game: Release Date, Price, and Everything We Know

EA is Making Black Panther Game: Release Date, Price, and Everything We Know

Cliffhanger Games, the new development of Electronic Art’s Motive Studio, and the developer of AAA have recently revealed that they are working on a new third-person, single-player Black Panther game, planning to release it soon. In 2022 EA also announced the Iron Man game, another single-player and Marvel-branded game. Let’s explore further to analyze what Cliffhanger’s production, Black Panther game, aims to offer its fans awaiting its official launch. This article will explore the release date, quoted price, and all the information you want to learn about the Black Panther game.

When is the Black Panther game released?

K. Stephens-driven Studio Cliffhanger is working on a new project titled Black Panther game as they celebrate the 57th anniversary of the day, marking the first appearance of Black Panther, the protector of Wakanda. Nevertheless, this story-driven Black Panther game is still in the initial development phase, so it hasn’t had any release date. We can assume it will take some time to hit the gaming world as the studio still has much to provide and tease before officially releasing the video game. However, we can anticipate 2026 as the earliest year of release for the Black Panther game.

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EA is Making Black Panther Game: Release Date, Price, and Everything We Know
EA is Making Black Panther Game: Release Date, Price, and Everything We Know

Black Panther Game: Anticipated Storyline

The game is still in the early production era, so we can’t anticipate any storyline. The Blank Panther game’s plot is a secret, with even who will voice Black Panther. Yet, the production studio has hinted towards presenting a game based on a true story. So, we can expect a faithful adaptation of the comic arc. Yet, as we know, Kevin Stephens is leading the story, so it would not be surprising if the Black Panther game appears as an open world like his other popular titles. Taking hints from the original announcement, the developers are developing this anticipated game to offer avid gamers an experience they long for: “taking the mantle of Wakanda’s protector.” The main focus of the producers is probably on the graphics and portraying the original story of Black Panther.

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Black Panther game: Pre-order and Price

Similar to the release date and plot, the quoted price and pre-order plans of the Cliffhanger hanger are still unknown. The only update we have received is the game’s reveal of a maximum of 10 seconds, which has only highlighted the game’s title and genre and introduced the developer.

Yet, this Seattle-based and EA-owned Cliffhanger Studio is reliable enough to add its game to your to-do list for the coming years. It is safe to say because its head is also the head of the infamous Shadow of Earth and has included several veteran talents from acclaimed games like Halo Infinite, God of War, and Call of Duty. The developers of the Black Panther game have also steered the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor game- all the titles best known for their story-driven action plot. So, do you need any other proof to trust the Black Panther game for your PlayStation 5 even before its release? I am sure not.

It is all that is available yet about the Black Panther Game. The authorities haven’t provided any release date, price, consoles, or teaser, covering themselves by quoting that the game is still in its initial stage. However, as you wait, you can also play other popular Marvel titles or read about other Marvel narratives like Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine, scheduled to release this year.

For further information about the Black Panther game or to learn about new action-adventurous games that you can play to kill time as you wait for the Black Panther game’s release, do come again.

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