Amnesia The Bunker is Delayed till June 2023

The upcoming Amnesia series sequel, Amnesia The Bunker release date has been delayed. The launch has been postponed till next month, June of 2023. Moreover, the survival game was supposed to release in May. However, due to unforeseen issues, Frictional Games, its developer had to move the release date to June. They announced the delay on Friday, 12th May 2023.

Furthermore, the announcement about the delay came through the studio’s Twitter profile. Moreover, the delay is not too long as it will be released next month. Amnesia The Bunker might release on multiple platforms across the globe.

Why was Amnesia The Bunker Delayed?

Amnesia The Bunker
Amnesia The Bunker

The reason behind its delay is the certification issues. Moreover, the makers said they postponed the games for two weeks because of this issue. And they also mentioned that they took this crucial step to ensure the game does not face any problems after its release. The company said the extra time would allow them to rectify the problem and ensure the best gameplay for Amnesia The Bunker on release.

Furthermore, this is not the first delay for Amnesia The Bunker. The upcoming survival game, Amnesia The Bunker, also saw a delay last month. However, the reason for that delay was different. The previous delay had something to do with an extra week of polishing. Having seen two delays in 2 months reflects poorly upon the game’s reputation. However, the delay is not enormous, and the makers have been compensating. Furthermore, recently they released a 10-minute gameplay to give the players a little insight into Amnesia The Bunker.

New Release Date for Amnesia The Bunker

6th June of 2023 is its updated release date. There was an announcement of this release date through Twitter on Frictional Games’ official page. Moreover, the makers did not keep the fans wondering about the new release date when they announced the delay.

Moreover, the game developers know how to keep their fans in contact with the game. Despite the unforeseen news about the delay, they also mentioned a free Demo on Steam. Amnesia The Bunker will get a free Steam Demo on 22nd May of 2023. Furthermore, initially, the game was announced in December. Amnesia The Bunker is 4th in line in the horror Amnesia series.

Amnesia The Bunker Gameplay

The game sets in World War 1, and here, the player will be taking on the French soldier Henri Clément’s role. Moreover, he is trying to figure out the mysteries related to the eponymous bunker. Side by side, also trying to find his way out of this loop. The developers, Frictional Games, have described the game to be a semi-open world. Amnesia The Bunker comes with randomized elements, allowing for many levels of replayability.

Moreover, the game also features elements that make it different from the previous Amnesia franchise. One can expect the introduction of several new mechanics in The Bunker. These include features like a crafting system and the player’s ability to defend himself using a revolver. Moreover, the developers have also released a 10-minute-long gameplay. The gameplay is a little intro for the fans to get a taste of it. Click here to watch it.

On Which Platforms Will Amnesia The Bunker Be Available?

It will be available on multiple platforms for players to enjoy. The official release date is 6th June 2023. The horror survival game will be available on the following platforms:

  • PS4,
  • PS5,
  • Xbox One,
  • Xbox Series X/S,
  • and PC


The announcement trailer was released a few months ago.

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