All Gotham Knights Villains Confirmed: Ranked By Strength

The spectacular Gotham Knights Villains are coming to give players a run for their money, and here’s everything we know about them so far! 

Gotham Knights is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2022, and fans can’t wait to battle their favourite Batman villains in this action RPG. Batman has disappeared, and it is now up to you to save Gotham City from the many dangers that lay ahead. The game features four playable characters; Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin. These Batman protégées must battle iconic villains like Mr.Freeze, the Penguin and Harley Quinn. 

Some villains are more powerful than others, and you should be prepared for a tough battle when encountering them. So far, we know about nine confirmed enemies that will make an appearance in Gotham Knights, and we’ve mentioned them below in order of increasing strength and power. 

#9- The Freaks- Weakest Gotham Knights Villian

The Freaks are the most basic enemies in Gotham Knights. They are a group of unhinged anarchists that have gained power now that Batman has supposedly died. 

The Freaks are capable of causing a lot of trouble and destruction. They are heavily armed. However, they probably won’t give the powerful Gotham Knights a tough time. Thus, you can expect to take them down easily! Moreover, The Freaks work for Harley Quinn, which isn’t surprising considering their colourful get-ups and crazy looks. 

#9- The Freaks- Weakest Gotham Knights Villian
#9- The Freaks- Weakest Gotham Knights Villian

#8- The Penguin- A Cunning Foe

Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin, was one of the first confirmed villains in Gotham Knights. He had his own reveal trailer where he appeared to give a lead on the game’s main antagonist, Court of Owls, to Nightwing. Although we are not sure about how big his role is going to be, we are sure battling him will be quite a lot of fun for players. His combat skills may not be great. However, keep in mind his financial power and his knack for recruiting almost anybody and everybody to his side, including deadly mercenaries and corrupted police officials. 

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#7- The Regulators- Exciting Gotham Knights Villains 

Gotham Knights feature another additional new enemy faction. These foes have heavy arms and advanced technology that allows them to perform heists and other crimes all across Gotham City easily. 

Additionally, it has been revealed that The Regulators often collaborate with other villains like Mr. Freeze, who provides them with cryogenic weapons. Thus, you should be prepared for a tough battle with them as you walk around the city and complete missions. 

#7- The Regulators- Exciting Gotham Knights Villains
#7- The Regulators- Exciting Gotham Knights Villains

#6- Man-Bat- A Worthy Gotham Knights Villain

Gotham Knights released its first mission via YouTube. It stated that Kirk Langstorm, i.e. Man-Bat, is dead. 

It is possible that this villain is dead! However, another possibility is that Kirk transforms into Man-Bat while he is in the morgue! Alternatively, Francine, his wife, could also change into She-Bat. If either of these situations occurs, players are in for a tough battle as the bat creatures are a deadly foe. They are horrific monsters than can tear apart humans faster than you can tear bread! 

#5- Harley Quinn- Among Major Bosses in Gotham Knights 

Along with Batman, Joker has also disappeared. Harley Quinn takes over his role and is now the ultimate crime lord who controls the Freaks faction. She is a dangerously skilled fighter, and her Olympic-level gymnastics, combined with her powerful mind, make her a formidable opponent. 

Harley will be among the most challenging Bosses in Gotham Knights. Her character was revealed in the latest trailer that came out at Gamescom. It showed her fighting Batgirl while calling her backups and giving the Knight a tough time. Additionally, we also see her wielding an electric-charged sledgehammer in the trailer! 

#4- Mr. Freeze- An Most Iconic Batman Villain

Mr. Freeze was a part of the first gameplay demo, and he will play a significant role in Gotham Knights. We see him wearing powerful armour that may even make Iron Man feel jealous while holding a ginormous rail gun-like Freeze Gun. He is one of the most powerful villains in Gotham City, and fighting him is challenging for even Batman. 

The boss fight with him in Arkham City was one of the game’s most thrilling and exciting fights. Thus, we have really high expectations for this boss in Gotham Knights, and we hope the game developers do not let us down. 

#4- Mr. Freeze- An Most Iconic Batman Villain
#4- Mr. Freeze- An Most Iconic Batman Villain

#3- Clayface- An Extremely Powerful Villain 

The Gamescom trailer also revealed Clayface, whose actual name is Basil Karlo. The slimy blob-like foe poses a dangerous threat, and taking him down will be no piece of cake! 

Clayface is extremely powerful. There are only a handful of things that can deal damage him. Additionally, his ability to grow to the size of a kaiju whenever he wants makes him even more difficult to fight. However, this isn’t even his most powerful trait! His real superpower is to form weapons with any part of his body and shapeshift into anyone and everyone! Thus, we expect him to be one of the major bosses in Gotham Knights, which will surely give players a tough time.

#2- The League of Assassins- The Ultimate Gotham Knights Villains

The League of Assassins is not directly shown as an enemy faction in the trailers. However, their presence is confirmed through viral marketing for the upcoming Gotham Knights game. One of their symbols was displayed during the buildup to the Court Of Owls.

Ra’s Al Ghul is the calculating international criminal mastermind who leads the League of Assassins. He plans mass genocides, and the league carries it out spectacularly. Thus, players should not take these evil ninja warriors lightly, as even Batman struggles to defeat them. 

#2- The League of Assassins- The Ultimate Gotham Knights Villains
#2- The League of Assassins- The Ultimate Gotham Knights Villains

#1- Court of Owls- The Most Powerful Gotham Knights Villains 

The Court of Owls is the most elite people in Gotham City who use their money and power to control the city. Along with controlling Gotham, they also command the Talons! 

The Talons are undead soldiers that The Court of Owls can raise! These assassins are almost impossible to defeat, and their inhumane speeds will leave you stunned! Moreover, they are the main antagonist in Gotham Knights; hence, you can expect them to be the most powerful enemies in the game.

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