A Video Game Enthusiast is Selling Almost Every Console Ever Made on eBay for $1M

Are you crazy about video games? You can’t be crazier than this guy. Where people are struggling to get their hands on the latest gaming consoles, there is a fan somewhere trying to sell his vintage console collection for one million euros. Here’s everything you need to know about Video Game Enthusiast!

Meet a French video game enthusiast who is selling certainly the largest collection of video games after 25 years of research. And nope, not separately but collectively. 

A Video Game Enthusiast is Selling Almost Every Console Ever Made on eBay for $1M
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So, as the video game enthusiast Kaori30 writes on the eBay listing, he is selling his 50 years of console collection. From his first one to his last one, somewhere near 2400 consoles. These gaming consoles are different models, different commercial and limited editions, and even different colors. 

Kaori30 says he started collecting without the intention of collecting in the early 90s. Later, he sold all of his collection to start a business. He started collecting again from 2000 to 2010 and couldn’t find some pieces so he sold some of the consoles. After he came back from Tokyo, he brought whatever he sold before and more. Around 200 to 300 boxes are rare and you won’t be able to find them anywhere easily. 

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This is what the video game fanatic has written on the eBay listing and he has also attached some pictures. As this guy is located in France, he has mentioned the price in euros. The total cost of all these consoles is 984,000.00 Euros or just consider it 1 million euros. 

Certainly, this listing is not for us. But if there is a science or gaming museum interested, Kaori30 will surely become an example by selling the largest gaming collection ever. So, if you are wondering to break his record from 40 years now, start collecting consoles now.

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